Tuesday, 29 June 2010


two lots of chemicals battling it out in my insides, and today I feel crap! I am sure they will work eventually, this is day 13 and they are obviously kicking in.
I couldn't keep my eyes open today, but when I gave up and went back to bed (twice) my brain was in overdrive and I didn't get much sleep - utter tripe whizzing through my head over and over and over.

I really want to go swimming again, but at the moment I lack the energy, the enthusiasm and the inclination. I feel fat, crap, ugly, old and frumpy. Ack, you big black dog of doom, fek off and visit someone else please, give me a break!!


Susie said...

I would like to go swimming too, but then I would have to shave the various parts of me not covered by a swimsuit unless I wore one of those ankle length ones favoured by the Amish.

Hope you feel better soon.

Rebecca said...

Oh biggest hugs my sulky friend!
Hang in there and those meds will kick in and do what they're supposed to and let your true you find it's way out of the mud and muck