Sunday, 27 June 2010

Resistance is futile

I gave in, and started the damned clap. As I have said, it's for the clapotea party at Knit Camp, and as there's just over a month to go I thought i had better get on with it - plus Becca is nagging me ;-)

So - pink sparkly double knit, ideally bubblegum pink, and cheap as chips - could I find any? Could I hell - the alternative was to add in a twinkly thread to ordinary wool but I thought that might become a pain with all the dropped stitches.
I finally found some very cheapo stuff on Ebay, and took a gamble - couldn't find much out about it online or on Rav, but it's surprisingly OK - and that's coming from a life long cotton hater.

Sadly it isn't this exact shade (what I would call bubblegum) in reality, it's a bit darker but it's OK.
It is a bit splitty but nowhere near as bad as bloody awful Sirdar cotton, which I loathe. But why I felt the nee fot buy EIGHT fekkin balls of it I don't know ...
To try and alleviate the boredom - this is a VERY repetitive pattern - I am playing silly nonsensical games, such as dropping a marker every right side row and replacing it with a purl stitch - but I don't know what I will do when I run out of markers! Add them back in again? Sing? Say a new madeup swear word each time?

Bloody thing.
I plan on a lot of knitting through the football and the Grand Prix, and am vaguely aiming to have it finito by this time next weekend.

Some lined book-type bags, which I was going to put in the shop, but I think I will keep them for Knit Camp - I have enough material for at least another 5.

And this was my brekkie yesterday - yoghurt, strawberries, blueberries and a sprinkling of gluten free granola - lovely! It felt like one of those treat brekkies, like being on holiday or at my mums. Very nice.

I am trying to find pleasure in the small things (I always have really, but at the moment it's even more important., to try and battle this damned depression). So yesterday it was watering the garden, and my nice breakfast.

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Rebecca said...

Yummy - the shawl and the breakfast :D