Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Bed is fab. Good job, because I had a shocker of a night and have spent the day in bed, and have minimal plans for getting up. Throwing up and a 'splody botty with really nasty stomach pains, I suspect due to the slowly increased dosage of the Leflunomide. Yuk yuk yuk.

But never mind. The worst thing was I had a visitor lined up today, one of my beloved knitty friends and had to cancel in case this is a bug, I would hate to pass it on to her. Pah.

 Monday was my burpday, 21 yet again. The sun was out - by hell was it ever, it was the hottest day so far, over 28C, and we went to a lovely park for a rather splendid piccynic.

My bootiful baby girl came round, we got a taxi to Morrisons and bought the place out. The days of making lovely tasty treats for a picnic are on hold at the moment because of health - I was going to say they are long gone but that's so negative I prefer 'on hold'. I do NOT intend to be this ill for ever, you hear me little old bod?

Anway - something nicely liberating about just giving in and buying the lot!
We had more salady goodness, sides, nibbles, cheeses etc than one could shake a stick at. Or a stickleback at. Or even a sticklebrick.

We had planned to go to Kirkstall Abbey as it is very nearby - and stunning, Thankfully I checked online and the blimmin place is closed on Mondays. How rude of them on my burpday!
So a last minute panic to find somewhere pretty, clean and ideally new to us, and we found Pudsey Park. I have only lived here what, 11 years ..... tis a couple of miles away, a fiver in a taxi, and absolutely lovely.
I know they have won a Green Flag award every year and are very proud of it, justly so. Spotless, safe, beautiful. Large play areas for sproglets, bowling green and building for the oldies, plenty of places to picnic and slob and wander.

We didn't realise we were under a laden pine tree until this fell out:
It landed about a foot away and almost made me move. I thought it was a squiggle jumping out.
Blurry pics, the joys of LCD screens in the blazing sun - point, shoot, hope for the best!
Obviously the kids had to come too.
It just wouldn't be a real Out without Keef and Daphne.
Might be more sophisticated though but what the heck.

Obviously we do do sophisticated, just take a look at our Pimms cocktails for proof.
Pimms, lemonade, sweetie banana stirrers, strawberries, more sweets and - er - more sweets. I chucked a crouton into Kerri's when she wasn't looking. Posh. Very.

It became so hot that the cheeses became LIQUID. Rank! Everything that wasn't eaten went straight in the bin, waaaay too hot to risk it.
Daffers went to sleep in my handbag but Keef was on top form despite leaving a little trail of melting snowman behind him.
The wabbits were Totally Unimpressed.
We made a Big Mistake and went to explore one large building - a fekking greenhouse! On the hottest day! Dearie me, it was one big waft of heat - I was a tad worried it was going to be a long walk round like Tropical World at Roundhay tropical-world but thankfully this was a veh short trip.
Again, Keef went exploring - we found him stuck up a tree laughing at us.
I could hear Daffers tutting from inside my bag.
We forgot to take the now obligatory feet shot - somehow we seem to have one of these from everywhere we go - mostly because I loathe having my photo taken. This was from last week so will have to do. Obviously the chunky white leggypegs are mine.

But I do have a photo of the lesser spotted sulkycattuus minimus, brace yerself.
Very pleased that this one is blurry!
We both admitted defeat after a couple of hours and got a taxi home - both a bit headachey and pink. And in my case freckly. Veh freckly.
Eeeeeeee look at the size of my quiff! Makes me over 5ft.

Sleep beckons again, I am so tired.

Well that's about it for now - piccies of gifts to come, I have been incredibly spoiled and have a load of lovely cards and very thoughtful, generous pressies. My lovely knitty friends are just wonderful people and they matter enormously to me - thank you to all of them for helping make my birthday a truly lovely day.

And a mahoosive HUG to my lovely beautiful girl for such a lovely trip out.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Here you are

Not on top form at the mo, so have some piccies

We had an Out.
Just to the park over the road - every time I go I remember just how nice it actually is.

We headed to our usual little spot - on the golf course!
What can I say - the grass is best there!
The view is absolutely stonking - must get some decent piccies one day (but it was so damned sunny I couldn't see through my camera properly, must remember the thingy for the lens next time.
Yes we are utter rebels.
This park is huge, it leads (as you can see) onto the golf course, also some woods. The canal and river are to one side leading to the marina, then another part of the park lies to the other (kiddies play area etc). Considering this is not exactly the most affluent or salubrious area it IS a decent park, and definitely looks better than it did several years ago.

We had a lovely couple of hours then sat in my tiny garden with a cold shandy - hell we know how to party.
Pattern writing has come to a bit of halt due to poor health, it has been a  pretty rough week. Never mind, there's always another day.

Tomorrow is, indeedy, another of those days - my birthday!

Another Out is planned, as there is sweet FA in the house we need to nip to Morrisons first via taxi, stock up on picnic things then get another taxi to another localish park (with an aquarium, bird house and pet corner). This one has apparently won Green Flag awards every year so it might just be rather nice.

Then yet ANOTHER Out on Wednesday with a luvverly knitty friend, we were meant to go today but I had a horrendous night and spent most of today in bed trying to catch up on some sleep.

So fingers crossed for a couple of restorative days out this week, before the weather cools down as forecast.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Strange thing in the sky

Glowing. Whatever can it be - surely the sky is meant to be dark grey and full of rain?


Right, a PSidney update - he is eating sort of, he loves the mush I am giving him from a spoon and syringe. Will keep a close eye on him and see how things go. Bless him.

The garden is blooming lovely at the mo - still plenty of tidying to do (amazing how I manage to accumulate clutter even in a tiny garden - my mum pointed out last time she was here that the garden is just like the inside of my house!).

The amazing tulips continue to be the star of the show, I wish I could remember where the bulbs were from - imagine a garden full of these. Gorgeous. Sadly I only have 5!
These little toughies survive most things and just reappear every year. Simple, cheap, pretty. A bit like many celebs.
Sadly the contents of the greenhouse are not quite so pretty. The tomato plants - yes, those spindly things are tomatoes - are really not at all happy about life. I might admit defeat and buy some healthier ones next time I am out.
The baby turnips were looking better and I repotted several yesterday.
The coriander, basil and chive seeds are sprouting - the mint isn't, and I thought that would be the hardiest and most prolific. My nan has been put on plant duty on the windowsill - she could grow pretty much anything, and would sit in her sun house with a cig and a cup of tea telling her cutting to 'grow you buggers grow'. I love my nan.
The best people ever.
She would find it highly amusing - and rather silly - that I have moved her photo to sit with the seedlings.
She had a couple of HUGE christmas cacti plants, my mum has one of them now - every winter they would be laden with flowers. Well I have one, tiny in comparison (seriously, nans were utter monsters) but mine never flowers in winter. Oh no, that would be far too normal. Mine flowers every year around this time.
Not only is it laden at the moment but where dead flowers have dropped off new buds are about to come through. I like my eccentric plant.
Last year this peony grew taller and taller and promised everything - and did nothing. I am keeping an eye on the bud that has appeared - will it flower or just be even more leaves?

Knitting and assorted stuff is sort of happening, The pom pom blanket has arrived at its destination with one of the most delightful babies in the entire world and apparently little Arthur is mesmerised by the pom poms! Brilliant. I ma currently knitting some nicely complex cable blocks for my own throw, one more is finished and another is abou half done (not too keen on the second one but will jazz it up maybe with buttons or crochet flowers).

And that's about it - lorra lorra flowers really!

Sunday, 20 May 2012


My lovely little fatty PSidney is poorly. Not much else to say really, I am very sad because he is the best piggy ever.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Finished things and pretty things.

Scuse the slightly blurred photos, not sure what's up and suspect I have left the camera on thre wrong setting.


Possibly the most beautiful tulips ever.
Blurred but bootiful.
(just remembered, it was really windy so that probably explains some of the rubbish pics)

Mini tree courtesy of the birds last summer, am letting it do it's thing (tis potted up) as it makes such a nice splash of green.
Cabbage seedlings - I need to clear the blossom but am leaving it alone for now, ie cannot be bothered. Very little is growing compared to last year, it has been so cold overnight (minus 1C last night).
Poor things - unhappy tomato plants, there are some healthier looking turnip seeds in the mini propagator behind them.
Peas at the back, beetroot at the front. Second try with both. Sigh.
Never mind, I suspect I am not the only one struggling to grow much this year. Hopefully some sunshine and warmth will happen one day ....

More successful is this next finished thingy, a present for someone:
Pom Poms, wonderful!
Made up as I went, in Rowan Handknit Cotton which I absolutely love using. Rather pleased with it.

Toodles x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


A mix of utter lethargy, being in pain and being sleepy = no blogging. But today is bearabubble so far so here goes.

I have been quite knitty-busy, which is a good thing, It's wonderful to feel I am finishing a few things and starting a few others - not just casting on (I like that part, can cast on summat new anytime!) but actually pulling my finger out and getting some things done instead of just thinking about doing them.

So - one adult bolero finished:
Though I say it myself, I really am pretty pleased with how it has turned out. The edging is knitted and really easy - it also grows very quickly (madam!). The flared sleeves hide the dreaded bingo wings - I like it.
Writing up the pattern is a long long process and I have oodles of respect for (most) designers. I think my teaching background is a huge bonus here, in terms of presenting information to people in an accessible manner - I hope. The pattern for size 36ish (technical term) is pretty much done, but I want to get a couple more sizes done before setting it free in the wild for testing, so ideally that is this afternoon's job. Then again I have been saying that for what, two weeks now ....

But I truly did have a finishing splurge - I also finished a similar bolero for a child:
and am currently about half way writing the pattern for this one.
Scuse the iffy photo, we are struggling to get much daylight here - looks like the sun has had enough after two days of shining (minus heat) and the rain is going to be back. Scuppered my vague idea of going to town today (not that I mind at all, dressing gown days are most excellent things).

Thoughts? Suggestions? What makes a really good pattern? What makes a really craptastic pattern?

Nothing much from the teeny tiny garden of delights (ie I haven't been out with my camera lately). Last time I checked nothing much was growing veg wise - the cabbages look happy enough but a fair few seeds simply haven't germinated and I suspect the cold is to blame. I think there were some minute turnip seedlings peeping through last time I checked, must have a nosy today.
It's forecast to be a massive ONE DEGREE tonight, sigh.

As a total change I bought myself the pattern to make one of these wonders - every home needs  steampunk crow! Isn't it ace! Made from calico / cotton and then hand painted with dry paints, I am thinking a lot of this could be sewn by hand which is perfect for me at the moment, my bones aren't too happy at the thought of bending over a s ewing machine for any length of time. I miss sewing, very much.
Of course this means I now want even more broken things - watches, jewellery, junk - more mess!

Oh - am also on the look out for used stamps - the local small animal sanctuary is collecting them for funds. If anyone has any that need a good home please do shout out. They are having an open day soon, and also a summer fair - I intend to go (to coo over the floofy wabbits and piggies) and can hand them in.

How much do I want my hair like this?
Lots much, lots.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Glowing Orb.

There is one today, I swear, in the sky. The BLUE sky.
It feels like it has rained every day for weeks, but today is the first bright sunny day in ages - sadly it is also bloody cold. Frost is forecast for the next few nights so the plants I bought the other day can stay inside for a few more days.
I love Wilkinsons for plants, pretty much all of my garden is from there and about 90% of the bulbs etc flower. I also like it when everything gets reduced because my slightly eclectic approach to gardening means I just bung the bulbs in anyway - if they flower that's great, if not then they usually show their little flowery faces the following year.

I finally have daffs - well the little tete a tete, no sign of 'real' daffs at all this year.

The daffs will probably decide to flower in November or something daft. But these little cheeky chaps are lovely, especially in the pots with the forget me nots peeping through. I hate yellow and blue as a decor combination, but in a garden - lovely.
The Tulips of Wonder are just beginning to open too - have had  alook at them this morning and no, not fully open yet. The pinks and greens together are just beautiful:

Great big fat tulip heads and layers of petals, can you tell how much I love these? Pink and green is one of my favourite colour combinations ever, perfect.

Knitting is happening - I have half a pattern written so if anyone feels the need for half a cardi / bolero then I am your woman. Hopefully I will get the first one finished this weekend, seaming and the edging to do at the moment, then finish the pattern ready for wonderful friends who have offered to test knit for me.

This is it so far:
Ping! Wonderful glorious PING!! (pink)

I am also knitting a Speshul Thing for a Speshul Person. I don't think I am giving away too much if I post a photo:
Using up some old handspun merino / silk, which is lovely but one of my earlier attempts and pretty uneven. Watch this space ...

The teeny tiny Meccican Hat Plants I potted up the other week are growing nicely and seem to be rooted - hopefully some sunlight through the window will help them shoot up a bit.

This lumpy swollen thing is how my poor hands have looked all week, I seem to have knuckles to rival a prize boxer. Attractive eh.

On a lighter note - here's Grommit and his Jubilee sewing.
How can anyone not smile at Grommit?
And look how hard he worked!
Wonder if I can teach PSidney to sew?
Enjoy the weekend!