Saturday, 26 June 2010

Like buses ...

they all come at once (so to speak). Two posts in one day, you lucky lucky people.
I keep meaning to write this, and keep forgetting because I am a twit.


In a sauna, when you are a tad vulnerable in your swimming cossie, in my case with my towel cunningly draped to hide my tum, behaviour matters.

So to the man who often seems to join me in there - STOP BLOODY MASTICATING IN THE SAUNA YOU WEIRDO!

Yes, that does say masticating - when I said this over the phone to my mum ( 'mum the man in the sauna keeps masticating') I think she nearly had a coronary.
Chomp chomp chew chew, then he vigourously rubs himself (thankfully only his cheeks)(facial) and I get to hear all his bristles grating, then it's back to the chomp chomp chomp.

The temptation to lift one of MY cheeks (not facial) and let out a great big fart is immense.


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Rebecca said...

though as a young teenage girl (almost 17) i stayed in a hotel in atlanta while my dad was on a business trip and i went down to the pool/sauna and there was a wierd guy that really was doing that with his face poking through the window staring out at me while he did it and then he had the nerve to come out while still "standing tall" in his freakin' speedos! I was so shocked i left the pool asap. freako!