Monday, 6 August 2012


Ironic isn't it that one of the few times I have actually DONE THINGS, BEEN PLACE and MADE THINGS, I have been lacking the bloomin energy to blog about them!

Law of the sod.

Right - going places. I had a really spelndid afternoon with two luvverly friends. I love Ravelry - people who are online friends are rapidly becoming 'real', have met several times, have gone out for the day with, giggled with, talked with friends. Real Friends.

I spend most of my Rav time in one specific group, pretty much full of incredible kindness, LOADS of laughter and genuine friends. Last week three of us had an Out, which in itself is a big deal for me (I tend to avoid anything outy partly because my house is a shambles and it embarrasses me and also because of The Failing Body health issues).

But no, an Out was had and a jolly fine Out it was too.

We went here and we did this:

Ten minutes drive, I love this place. Kirkstall Abbey, it is stunning. Have had several pinics over the year by the river, and a wander a few times. It is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the area.
Over the road is a rather decent coffee shop - a bit full of screechy children (why do people let their kids do that high pitched ear piercing shriek over and over again??) but very beautiful.
They were setting up a private birthday party in the adjoining room which looked rather pretty.
Clean plates are always a good sign.

But the higlight of a day filled with history and heritage?
The kids dressing up box of course!

(Ignore swollen handies)(and general chubbiness)(ah what the hell, I was happy!).

Lots of giggling. Lots!

My poor body really struggled for a few days afterwards, my legs and knees particularly and then (possibly due to the tiredness) my hands decided to join in and I had a good old RA flare up. I still cannot knit more than two or three rows which is damned frustrating. I do have a lot of frustrations but will air those another day.

But worth it mentally to get some air. Fresh air and friendship, excellent combination.

(piccies look ok I think, am hoping a friend's hubster can sort my best camera out over the weekend)

I have managed some Making of nThings. I cannot knit much but I am able to sew a bit, thankfully (not totally sure why that works but glad it does).
I finished this young lady for a certain woolly event this weekend.

And must say I am delighted with her.

I also made this cheery little chap for a recent swap, so I am pleased to have something to show for my time lately.
I certainly don't have a tidy house!

Bye for now

from me and the fishy fella