Saturday, 27 August 2011

Meths. Yuk.

Totally unimaginative title, sorry.

I don't think I ever mentioned that a few weeks ago I started injecting methotrexate at hospital as the tablets were making me so sick.
There's something very weird and utterly WRONG about sticking a needle into your thigh every Thursday afternoon but hey, it gets me out of the house ... pah. I genuinely didn't think I would be able to do it but I have some fab nurses and pretty much just got on with it and managed it first time.

(image from the internet - my needles arrive in the next week or so, I sign consent forms on Thursday all being well)

They have increased the dosage every week to get me up to the maximum as quickly as possible as the rheumatoid arthritis is starting to affect my joints as well as causing so much bloody pain (fingers moving outwards, thumbs inwards etc etc - the full list is too upsetting). The last Thursday was the first at the maximum dosage (and ironically my best attempt at sticking that needle in, bruised myself a lot last week).

For once I am glad I have a good amount of padding to pinch for these jabs!

My mum and daughter went with me and we had a quick lunch together which was lovely - mum sat in with my while I did my injection. Not so keen on this particular nurse but at least she was pretty honest about the long term prognosis.
Anyway, yesterday felt like that total sleep sleep sleep exhaustion you get with the flu, I simply couldn't stay awake. My knees were painful so sleeping it off was a good thing - the constant dreams not so good.

Today has been a bit tough - upset tum all day long, tired, generally off colour, headaches etc. Yuk. And still my knees hurt!

Cannot do a damned thing about it so it's a grit your teeth and get on with it day. It does get annoying that I tend to start feeling more human just a day or two before Thursday when it is time for the yellow poison again.

On a MUCH brighter note a Ravelry friend who I really like has had a baby girl today, that's lovely news!
knitting. Ideally before her first birthday.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wrong on Wednesday

Fake plastic surgery abs.

New Word of the Day


As in, apparently, the plural of a text.

'She got loadsa' text-is.'

'e were sendin' text-is.'

'I read 'er text-is.'

Heard mostly on the Jeremy Vile show and also heard often during the riots, text-is. What on earth's wrong with 'texts'? Eh?

The first time I heard it I though they said 'testes' and was struggling to work out why 'testes' were being sent during a riot. Or ever.

Hey ho.
Another spot of bizarreness was some odd 'not much news happening so let's dig out an obscure and probably unsubstantiated statistic'. Apparently (insert random number here) % of people now keep a weapon under their beds.

In this part of Leeds I suspect the most threatening thing kept under the beds of the great unwashed are vibrators and ashtrays.
That would see off any self respecting burglar I suppose, being chased down the road by some trackie wearing chav fag in gob, waving Ann Summers' finest on full vibrate.

Obviously this sort of thing does not happen in my street, it being of a much better class.
Oh dearie me no.
In MY street it would be a vibrator and a Laura Ashley bedside lamp, dontcha know.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Look! Look! LOOK!!!

I did knitting stuff!

A big pile of black floof.
Wet black floof.
It looks pretty big which is good, I wanted a loose sloppy soft cardi. The pink / black strip above is the looooong shawl collar, not totally convinced that will work - I suspect it will be the sort of thing one wears with a determined stride (legs willing) and a confident manner!

The blocking board is my very old pattern cutting board, it isnt ideal because it is made from card (if I cover it in sticky back I doubt things will dry) but it will do for this. And yes there ARE two sleeves

So the plan is to seam this tomorrow then that's something else finito.

I have started some (very late) secret knitting which is totally different, apart from anything it is BRIIIIGHT colours!

I need a wee.

Toodles x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

So much to do, so little energy ....

Big Brother - the Australian meeja blokie, Darren thingummybob.
He is EXACTLY what Mel Smith (Not the Nine O'clock News, Alas Smith and Jones) would look like if he was given a fiver and asked to dress as a punk for a comedy sketch.

Mel Smith

Darren Thingummybob


I don't really have anything else to say about the resurrection of Big Brother except 'Why?'

I have been knitting a fair bit lately, mostly because my hands have been better than usual thankfully (no idea if it's the increased methotrexate dose, the tramadol or the recent steroid jab, or a mix of all three). I am almost finished with the body and sleeves on this cardigan shawl-cardigan  . It is pretty straight forward - not the best pattern in the world to follow for anyone totally new to knitting but easy enough to work out otherwise. I am using two cones of fairly thin approximately 4ply, one a plain black 'something', the other a black mohair. Must take piccies!
I have a few inches to do on the second sleeve cap then block and seam the sleeve, and am about half way through the shawl collar (I started knitting this a few rows at a time as there is a lot of it and I suspected I might get bored if I left it to do all at once).

I really need to take some photos - I have finished things, truly!

The stripe study shawl, finished, like it off, don't like it on much (weird shape to actually wear).
Daisy cardigan, finished, too tight.

Hmmmm .... am I the only person who knits things, thoroughly enjoys the knitting - and doesn't really wear them?
I have a few I wear a lot in winter - my grey cabled cardi (the first Ravelry project I did and my first 'real' garment), my Perfect Paula cardi.

Perfect Paula - fits well, comfy, fun to knit.

Cabled yoke cardi - dreadful photo, sorry (must rephoto several things I have on Rav), fits well, comfy, warm.
There's a bit of a theme isn't there - I not only like cabling but I seem to like wearing them too.

At the moment I am limited by my hands, by my exhaustion, by my weight going up and down with medication and steroid injections. Limited not only in what I can make but in what I can wear (in terms of fiddly buttons, hooks and eyes etc and also in terms of what suits when I gain weight).

I also want my hands to perk up so I can do some sewing - I love everything in this pic not just the knitwear:
Lovely dress (in black of course).

I bought a gorgeous wall hanging kit recently and want to make a start on that too -
and have my tapestry kit lurking somewhere too.

I also have a pattern to write up - doesn't that sound grand? It's my first 'own design' that's actually made it out of my head and onto my needles and I must say I am pretty chuffed with it so far. Ask me if I feel the same once I start writing it down ...

Have a good weekend, or what's left of it. It's a lovely sunny day here but there's definitely been an Autumnal nip in the air lately ....

Friday, 19 August 2011

Dear Channel 5

Please stop it.
Please, just get rid of it right now and put something bearable on, anything instead of sodding Big Brother.
I bet those who stole tellies last week will be taking them back after watching even 5 minutes of the utter drivel that was on last night - come on, when people are actually HOPING that bloody Jeward will be the next housemate )(singular for they share one brain cell) it says it all.

Please make it stop.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wrong on Wednesday

Things that are just Plain Wrong.

Thankfully they can be balanced by things that are Just Right.

Monday, 15 August 2011

An open letter - to whom it may concern

Names have been deleted for obvious reasons. If this whole post means nothing to you then that's absolutely fine and quite honestly you are best out of it. Here, have something pretty to brighten your day:

But when one is censored from saying things - then another route can be found.

Once this little missive is posted then it's over with as far as I am concerned - but it is a tad unfair for others to be able to post and comment whilst some have been banned from doing the same (ie not just  me).

An open letter to R, A, G and C,
Regarding the issues of the last few weeks.

A, you posted a long message yesterday which said very little. The things that do stand out are that you think the group wants things to return to as they were, that 'time outs' were handled badly by  the mods and that a few are trying to destroy the group. 
So nothing will be tackled or changed, that's your prerogative. Holding your hands up and saying things were handled badly is not an apology - there has been no apology. As for those destroying the group - one can only assume that is aimed at those who are effectively blocked from posting, i.e me. I had a long paragraph here about working hard to keep the group interacting through swaps etc, but in response to you stating I am trying to destroy the group, let's just leave it at 'incredible'.

R, you also posted a long message which again said little. You asked me once what I meant by you being patronising and rude. If you cannot see that then there is little point in me elaborating, but the fact that others commented on it should make you go and reread what you posted.  A calling this ‘Sexist Gate’ simply makes a joke out of the catalyst for recent events.

You also said something along the lines of ‘leaving a group is the internet equivalent of tears’.  If you see a friend in tears your response is to walk up and give them a hefty slap in the face, in public? Humiliating them is an interesting approach.
I don’t agree with the ‘don’t treat recent mods / co-founders of a group like this’ comments made by others – any standing within the group shouldn’t have an impact on how things are handled. So called friendships also don’t come into this, as they have been proved to be mere words.
 What should however be an integral part of moderating is to treat people as human beings – with respect. To find out I had been banned (‘time out’ is so American don’t you think? I cannot post in the group therefore am banned, as is Daphne) with no word from four moderators before or after? Makes the moderating in a certain other group look outstanding (I would ask you to compare my posts to those of *several months ago – you really put me in the same league?). If anyone seriously thinks I will take up the generous offer to restart posting on August 19th then they are living in a dream. Rudeness is one thing – deliberate humiliation is another.

The four of you have caused a lot of pain and upset to many people. Being praised for adding links to penguin patterns – if that eases your group conscience then so be it. Obviously I will miss the group greatly, but that’s finished.
‘I hope you are in less pain soon’ Disagree. You have played straight into the hands of this mentality.
R, you said ‘Someone has to put their nose above the parapet now and again.’ Well I did. And was shot down.
I know, I know - an internet spat, a flounce, whatever you want to call it.

 Once upon a time I would have said it's just words on a screen and walked away. But I know I am not the only person who relies quite heavily on internet friendships (I am not talking romances here but friendships) because life and circumstances makes getting out and about in reality quite difficult.
Behind those words there are real people.
Maybe it shouldn't matter at all and I should be able to just chuck it to one side and move on. This blog post is my way of trying to put it to bed - but I do not want to lose the many friendships I have been lucky enough to make.
This is probably the only time I will mention this issue - as I say there aren't really any other platforms for me to let it out. Tis done.
Who knows - I might even write a post about knitting or sewing at some point!


Friday, 12 August 2011

Over used words of the week




Thursday, 11 August 2011

excuse me

and the state of my blog - love the background, cant get it to work properly

ongoing .... if anyone can help me I would appreciate it very much!

Guest Blogger (again) (but not Keef)

Sorry sorry sorry. Daphne INSISTS that if Keef has been blogging then it is only right and fair that she has a go too - and who am I to argue.

Do not adjust your sets.


Daphne here!

I cannot tell you how appalled I was to discover Keef had been allowed to tell you about his holiday, yet I was left in ignorance! Which, let's face it, is usually Keef's domain.

So, what can I tell you?

I went to the seaside with Sulks a little while ago. She told me that we were going to Costa del Scarborough which I believe is on the French Riviera, near to Monaco and Miami apparently. I rather fancy a walk on part in CSI Miami, maybe as the love interest of that handsome chap Horatio with his flame coloured locks and cool sunglasses.

Oooh he is a handsome man!
So I stole Sulky's fake tan (she doesn't need it, it would clash with her hair), pruned and waxed and trimmed and buffed my feathers, oiled my flippers and polished my beak to perfection, ready to pucker up should Mr Horatio pass by.

I persuaded Sulky that all the best penguin ladies were wearing rather attractive swimwear this season, and she made me a bikini - pictures of that in a minute. You may need to remove the males in your house from the room first as I admit I really do look rather irresistable in it though I say it myself.


Excuse me. I think a visit to the microwave again is in order for that young man.

Where was I? Oh yes, admiring myself.

Well we went on a luxurious horse drawn carriage called A Train and I suffered the sheer indignity of being in Sulky's handbag for most of the journey. I left her a little gift in the pocket to say thank you

I suppose the tissues and dust in there were preferable to those Pure Velour seats on A Train, they tend to chafe somewhat. A true lady does not want her inner thighs to be chafed - well she does, but certainly NOT courtesy of A Train.

I must admit I suspect Sulky was not telling the entire truth about Costa del Scarborough being near Miami and Monaco. She just smiles when I try to ask her about it. By the way, does anyone know what 'gull ib le' means?

But I did believe both that wretched snowman and Sulky when they said they had 'never seen anything like it' when I put my new bikini on - that's nice of them isn't it.

I know! Stunning!

We bought a little house by the sea with it's own pool, but it wasn't quite how I imagined it to be.

I really must explain myself more clearly.

But it had all mod cons such as - erm - a flying saucer and a book. And a pair of fishnets - again not quite as I had imagined.

I had a lovely time - I tried surfing in readiness for when I met Mr Horatio -

tried driving some fast vehicles for the same reason

and in preparation for the bright lights I indulged in a little bit of gambling (I know I know, I am not proud but apparently it is the In Thing to do).

I also overindulged in some other excesses, more of which to come later. I blame that Keef.

Bye for now my lovelies, part two of my adventures to come soon!

Love from Daphne xxx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Terrible Times

I don't really need to say much do I.
Just put the telly on, open a paper - look at it.

I am reassured that I am not the only person in tears at times watching it - I thought it was my emotional state / pain / medication - instead I think it is a perfectly valid human reaction to mindless, mass destruction, violence and insanity.

I admit to being one of the many (majority?) condemning the police for 'doing nothing' - although I also know that they are damned if they do, damned if they don't.
But please take a moment to read this blog inspectorgadget.
Then maybe reconsider.
I did.

Many bizarre moments amongst the general insanity - not leats Dave shiny face sun tanned Camoron doing his 'We need more police on the streets' bit. Really? Is this the same Dave who has demanded massive cuts across the police and fire brigade?

I also liked (liked?) his parting comment to the press - 'I am sure you understand I must go now, important work to be done'.
What a pillock.
Washing your holiday clothes can wait Dave! Truly! You have another holiday planned in a week or two, just buy new!

Another bizarre example -  what sort of criminal is happy to be filmed robbing POUNDLAND??? Wtf? Where's your self respect! Crisps and pop, I despair. No wonder this country is going downhill. So when they all get together to show and tell (and sell) and all those checked shirts (what's with the abundance of checked shirts on all the clips? Is it an invasion of wannabe lumberjacks on the rampage?) are piled high with phones, watches, giant tellys and iPads, will Wayne and Waynetta Slob be there all proud and spotty with their offering of a bottle of Fizztime lemonade and seven packets of Sour Moams?

Well 'ard. Innit.

My daughter works in Chapeltown where a man was shot last night - a mini 'riot' was squashed fairly effectively and a peace march ( on a small scale) was happening this evening - I think the local community are desperate to avoid a repeat of the 1980s riots there.
I told her to take a tin and say she thought it was a peas march.