Tuesday, 9 September 2008

its all getting very silly

lovely lovely lovely.... when the snowdrop cardi is finished (am out of wool, a friends giving me a lift to the wool shop on thursday after work, am hoping to finish it by the weekend) this lovely yumminess is going to begin its journey to hopefully become....
....a pair of thesem which i love to bits - no idea if i can manage to make them one way to find out - i dont have the worlds most copious amount of patience, so we will see... can imagine them being hurled half made across my teeny tiny living room on more than one occasion

plus i must make myself something along the lines of this, i love both the skirt (but longer, ballerina length) and the gorgeous shirt
..my listening choice at the moment, found her accidentaly on good old utape and am pretty hooked
shes not the worlds greatest singer, but shes got a quirkily likeable voice, shes a violin child protegy (or was, rather, shes no child), used to be violinist with courtney love (but dont let that out you off)
i think she looks stunning something along the lines of how i would LIKE to look but never have / never will! hairs the same colour though ;-)

(someone said at work yesterday that i looked very '16thy century' and someone else said i had a look of russell brand around the hair area - so i am a 16th century version of russell brand? minus the long skinny legs. and the maleness. and the beard)

hmmmm....oh, who is she? emilie autumn

i have a pattern ordered for a coat very similar to this, nice.... (where the hell do i think i am going to find the time to do all this? i dont have another holiday for 6 weeks!)

there you go, pretty things
lots of them

hope you are well, and happy, and keeping dry

potentially very very good (exciting as hell!) news on the teaching / wrriting front, watch this space

Friday, 5 September 2008

friday. thank gawd.

i made this a little while ago for a lovely woman on ravelry (you know who you are ;-) ), her beloved cat died very unexpectedly, i nosied at the piccies she has on flickr, and did what i hoped would be a half decent likeness - it was received today, and, without blowing my own trumpet too much, is loved as much as i hoped it would be

i make no claims to being a super artist, i know i am not, and its been a very long time since i sat and did any painting at all, but i enjoyed making this and rather like it (i have another painting, but its for a swap - and with my luck, if i posted it on here, the one and only person to look at this blog in the next few days would be the person the swap is for!)

also had fun turning this...
into this (the camera hasnt picked up the colour very well), sadly i have run out of the blue kool aid, and really need a few more packets to get a more intense colour - its for the druid mitts in vogue, for my daughter (she requested electric blue, who am i to argue...)

its been a very long week, i plan to do nothing more strenuous than watch ncis repeats (ahhh, you silver fox gibbs), and continue knitting the very dull back of the snowdrops cardi

happy weekend people

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


this is progress so far on the snow drop cradi wotsit, 2 fronts, 1 sleeve, 1 pocket last night, and started the back tonight...yes, i ignore the order its meant to be knitted in, no i dont care because thats how wild and rebellious i am

knitting instructions? pah

and back at work, hence a disjointed, babbling, nonsensical mutter today... 2 days back and i am shattered, non stop meetings, 3 kids in tomorrow (yes 3, they will be very very hard work), roll on saturday - spent the last 6 weeks wanting the weeks to go as slowly as possible, then 2 days back in and i am wishing for the weekend!

this is what i wish i was doing ....
my poorly feet would love this (although ideally on a day like the one when this was taken, our one and only hot week of this summer) these poor swollen, misfits of footsies would love to go paddling on a warm day
(will write more about the misfit footises another day, had the most bizarre shoesies shopping experience ever last night, was like being in a victoria wood sketch...)

the results of my summer 'grow your own' pea planing endeavours - yes its one pea pod
but they were very sweet
3 peas
damned impressive

found out last week that poor little noddy is almost a nonentity in america - the americans i know on ravelry have NEVER heard of enid bloody blyton! how is this possible! i am almost finished reading a brilliant memoir of enid the genius, looking for enid by duncan mcsomeoneorother (cant be arsed to get up and go to find his surname), its very very good indeed, a mix of fact, insanity, babble, perfect stuff! no mention of enids penchant for nekkid tennis yet tho'

and no idea where i saw this in blogland (if its from your blog please say, and i will credit you for it!), i think its beautiful wool, maybe a tad too white in places for me, but otherwise beautiful

cant be bothered to read this for typos, bear with me if its gibberish...am going to go and drool about this lovely coloured wool