Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Mardy Moggy Returns.

Hang on to your hats ...

Apologies to anyone who still reads this for the absence - I am sort of back now!

Very briefly:

craptastic! Thankfully I am now in  the loop at the excellent ME hospital here in Leeds so things might start to pick up - or at the very least I might become more accepting and understanding of this illness. Although I have been diagnosed for 3 years this is by far the worst I have been and it doesn't show any sign of easing yet.
Tis also pain city - wrists, thumbs, fingers, ankles, knees (ooooh poor little chubby knees!), the lot! I am now walking with a stick (a very pretty black one with pink fleurs) and rattling with various painkillers. It was  abit of a shock last night to realise I need to use both hands to use a potato masher ...

But it will pass I am sure.

skint! Nuff said.

Up and down. Some days my sense of humour stays in bed when I get up, but most of the time tis OK.

There, that's a fairly decent summary!

This helps - we have had fabulous Spring weather lately and finally things are happening in The TeenyTiny Garden.

There's also this (which after much discussion and hunting on tinternet we think is a peony) :

and , finally, some of this:

You want the gossip?
You mean you only come here for the gossip and not pretty flowers??

Oh go on then.

A little birdy tells me that SCKC continues to rear its ugly head. The Disorganiser has reappeared - on Ravelry - and by hell it hasn't gone down well.
I think it deserves a post of it's own, so will work on that and add it today or tomorrow.

Toodles for now.