Friday, 18 June 2010

Scotty dogs!

I ordered some material the other day and was thrilled when it arrived this morning, loads better quality than expected and so pretty! It made me smile.
It is destined to become bags, probably one for my friend Michelle who loves Scotty dogs.

I can even forgive the scary butterfly...

I nipped to Marks & Spencers to get some of their delicious gluten free bread - so delicious that once again it was sold out, Bah.
Then spotted several women with sale bedding in their baskets so beetled over to have a nosy - 3 deep scrum of oldies - sheets reduced to £1 - yes, a pound! So i picked up 3 to use as lining for bags - then on another sale stand found some pretty cream duvet sets, reduced from £60 to £9, so one of those came home with me (not for cutting up, definitely not!).

So that was a nice bonus.
Then i came home and slept for almost 3 hours - awoke to a text from my friend Jean who had popped some late birthday goodies through the letterbox and some flowers and a cake on the step, so so king and thoughtful. I am genuinely touched.
Plus the pressies are gorgeous - a vintage cameo brooch, an ols silver spoon with a spinning wheel on the top and a little silver spinning wheel charm for my bracelet - they made me smile. Thank you Jean, you lovely kind lady.

I haven't done any knitting today so far but did get a bit done last night, on the stripey 4ply cardi of - er - stripes. Still not convinced it's a wise idea for this dumpy little body but I like how the variegated pinks looks against the black, We will see.

I am toying with changing the name and layout of this blog, I look at ones I like and read regularly and although I certainly don't want to copy them at all I am pondering why those work and this doesn't. Much. So be prepared for some fickle changing and probably changing back again over the  next few days.

Enjoy your weekends!


The Foggy Knitter said...

Oooh that's all very pretty - where did you get the material from please?

sulkycat said...

the material is from clarke and clarke, its lovely isnt it!