Saturday, 5 April 2008

so much to do.....

I need to upload some more pictures before I can put them all on here, but that's fine, the way this flaming thing plays up it will take a week anyway just to put one photo in the right place. Grrrrrr. Arsebiscuits to it.

Right, these are some (a tiny sample) of the very many things I currenrly have on the go...

The cabled cardi is somewhere down there in posted land.... these are samples of it so far, it's very straightforward but those cables are haunting me night & day, finish me they cry, finish me.....I tried knitting this when on the train last week, but I keep my cable needle in my mouth between bits, to save picking it up nonstop, & realised after 5 minutes what a twit I looked, short pink haired woman with needle clenched in gob. So I read instead. Ignore the vile carpet. Unless you have the same one, in which case look at my lovely carpet.

I am running a fairy tale / folklore swap on crafster, so have got my derriere into gear & am more than half way through - will take some pics today, have almost finished a fairy door from clay (have wanted to try casting one of those for ages & it's worked well ), & some other nice things, one of which I love, saw it on someone else's blog & played with the idea.

These are some of the things I want to have a go at this year: not that mine will be anything like as fabulous as this, but I fancy having a go.And now this blog has reached that 'the pictures wont go anywhere near where I want them to so I am going to sulk' stage. Time to slap some warpaint on, & brave the 'trying to snow & so far managing sleety rainy stuff' weather (snow! what's going on? go away & bring back the sunshine). Enjoy the day.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

a beautiful day...

In my dressing gown this morning, slobbing, I did one of those spur of the moment things & decided to go to the seaside! Obviously Scarborough. Checked trains, got dressed, war paint etc, & off in a taxi all within the space of 30 minutes, got the train with ten minutes to spare.

Am reading a fabulous book about Marie Antoinette & fashion, good job i love it because there was a 45 minute hold up (broken tracks, yes I suppose that's a good enough excuse).

And oh, worth every minute of any delay, I LOVE Scarborough - many many childhood memories (there's a totally separate post). So without further ado - Ladies & Gentlemen, I proudly present:


This is the Spa, have loved this since being very young, a real sun trap in the summer - I sat enjoying the sea view, eating cake (oh it's a hard life)

And it's not all grey (actually it was sunny, these pictures were taken about 4.30 pm when the sun was starting to fade... but THESE were taken a bit earlier over at the North Bay where they are redeveloping everything... (i HATE trying to add pictures to this blog, they go all oevr the place then vanish. I give up - easier to write another post later & add the rest of the pictures. Not that anyone but me ever reads this...)
Anyway - it was a lovely lovely day. So there.