Thursday, 10 June 2010


through it all - because sometimes you just have to.
Crappy start to the day but never mind.

I have tried pretty hard today to stay positive and get on top of a few things - a job application filled in (how on earth do these take over 2 hours? it's madness) , cleaned the bathroom, dug out some sewing, played about with a new idea for a bag (but not entirely happy with it so will try again tomorrow), and generally tried to sort out a few outstanding tasks.

And last night I felt the need for some stashbusting small scale knitting as a break from my many cardis, so rummaged through some bits and bobs and found this:

Blimey this stuff makes my eyes water! I had planned to make it into a scarf but thank goodness I didn't! It's nice, but not next to skin nice - I am going to finish it even though I think it's going to take a while (so not really a quicky stashbuster) as a break. Plus I have never ever felted anything yet - I have a bag started somewhere, but the owl might be good practise.

I also made a load of cards this morning, ready to photograph and list on etsy tomorrow, for knitters and spinners - and I am quite pleased with them, Nothing exotic or fancy, but I think they work. Watch this space!

I also found two bags from this pattern that were started and abandoned, so have made a bit of headway on them and should get both finished tomorrow. One in particular, the patchwork one, I really like, it's very bright and summery - watch this space for piccies!

Right now I could really do with a slice of something like this (gluten free, but this one certainly isn't!) , ideally with a glass of fizz. The fizz I have, the cake I don't.

And for all those feeling a tad blue and fed up with nthe rainy days (and stolen from the interwebz, not my own photo I am afraid) one of these:


emily said...

Ah the joys of application forms! I know my national isurance and GTC number off by heart and could happily recite my educational history in chronological order or reverse! It'll be worth it when the right job comes though ;-)

sulkycat said...

it isn't much fun is it! and you just reminded me to find my gtc number because i have absolutely no idea what it is, or where! i am going to learn to drive so i can do supply if necessary, that will be an experience!