Saturday, 3 July 2010


most definitely missing in action lately, but possibly sneaking back a bit. Hopefully the tablets are starting to work a bit, although today was a bit of a non day as i headed back to bed by 11am and slept for a couple of hours.

I finally finished things!
The clap - not only finished and rather huuuge, but with GINORMOUS tassles - the clap took 2 balls of wotton, the tassles took a whole one!
Blocking was fun in my tiny living room: (ignore the gross carpet - this is what happens when your male landlord chooses it) and I love the way the tassles wouldn't fit properly on what little floor space I have!
But it is finito, and much nicer than I had feared (it is a very weird thing to sit and knit and knit on something you are utterly convinced will be vile - it isn't vile, it isn't something I would choose to knit again but no, not vile). Loved the cotton - megacheapo Ice, from ebay - delivered from Turkey within 24 hours, very impressed.
I also got my act together enough to sew the buttons onto the hoody that's been finished for ages - not my favoutite thing ever but it might be handy in the Autumn.

As I feared the sleeves are a tad snug, and it's maybe a bit shorter than I would have planned, but the weight of the silk should help it give when it's worn more. Old Mill Hoodie, from Ravelry, in Rowan Silk Aran which is discontinued sadly, it's lovely stuff

What else - not much really, the last week sort of vanished in a sea of woefulness and tablets!
I did manage to reap an entire two strawberries, they weren't happy at all in a pot.

Hopefully the plant will survive winter in the tiny greenhouse and might be better next year.
And lots of sewing, off and on.

It's good to feel a bit more productive, but I am still battling this 'what have I achieved today?' mentality, it's so so hard to accept that doing NOTHING is probably exactly why my Dr has signed me off ...

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