Wednesday, 23 June 2010


outside the box, back to where I feel most comfortable. I need to make some money, that's the bottom line, hence sewing up a small storm lately - and so far the response to my bags is good.
I have the cards to tart up a bit to make them look better, and some other ideas on a back burner for wont of time at the moment. And energy.

But I also have ideas for bags that are more mini art quilt based, a bit left of centre, and finally let rip and had a bit of fun making myself one. All the time I was cutting and sewing I had my lovely friend Pat on my shoulder (not literally, she's in America) telling me to have fun with it, play with it.

So I did.

This was originally an idea I had for a small bag, so I slit it open.
The silk heart is padded and roughly stitched several times.

The wings are layers of fabric and muslin. I then started to have a bit of a play with some antique buttons, strips of silk, ribbons - the green leaf ribbon was a perfect find!
Very pleased with the finished bag, which I used today - it is unashamedly girly and romantic, and I like it a lot.

So then of course, never happy with one, I found an assortment in blues and creams - which is destined to become another bag, for sale this time.
And my very very favourite - I have an idea for tea cups and general madness involving a Union Jack flag ... watch this space.

Ah, and other news - spinning wise I am thilled that not only is my current spinning NOT overspun, it is all pretty equal, and when I checked it (which I rarely do but should) it is spot on 4ply when plied, so I am pleased. Must get the last bobbin spun up soon.

After the excitement of the footy I think it will be an evening of sewing, hand stitching some brooches and then curl up with Gibbs and my knitting, Bliss.


pyewacket said...

Love the bag! You should have no trouble selling ones as nice as that. Also liking the new look to the blog.

sulkycat said...

Thank you, that's kind of you - and thanks for the feedback on the blog!