Saturday, 17 August 2013


Tis piddling down outside, but warm -have just beenout to feed the birds (at 7pm, and why not). Nipped  back in  to get my camera and  really wish I could also capture the fabulous smell out there - LILLIES!

It's such a tiny garden and these are humonguous lillies, oh the scent!

Right outside the door, so wonderful  - lillies are my very favourite flowers, love love love.

As far as I remember these were just  bog standard Wilko's  bulbs, but they are pretty damned impressive.

I keep turning pots around so I can see them from the  bench - I am trying to  get a sit down in the fresh air every day where possible, it does me so much good mentally . Watching the sparrows playing / fighting /eating yesterday was great, they are so funny en masse (there are usually between 8 and about 20 together).

There's such a lot I cannot do at the moment (I crave the sea, crave walking on grass, would love to ride a bike, go hiking, go riding, would love to sew- would love to have a career again) but by hell I can sit in this little garden!

Radish  (I think).
One enormous bean and baby beans.

Lousy  picture but there is a teeeeeny baby bean to the left.

And did I mention the lillies?

Any suggestions for autumn / winter plants?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Onwards. Because the alternative ......

Things continue to be less than fabulous here - serious illness in the family and it is heartbreaking.

But also private, so bear with me.

This has been happening (when I am awake, so damned tired lately).
Nice simple skirt pattern in there, that I think will be very wearabubble over Autumn. Autumn, shudder. Stay summer stay.

With skulls.

Also a very nice Vogue pattern, but it will probably join the mini mountain of 'love but hands cannot cut out' patterns (knees  and back protest too).

NOT in those colours.

Hospital went well, finger is healed so the infusion had the go-ahead. Joy. I am possibly not in as much constant pain as I have been - had to wait ages for a taxi yesterday as it's Eid (no  drivers) and my poor knee was swollen and agony when I got home. The exhaustion side is a sod at the moment, but I suspect worry about family is partly to blame.

I am following dr's orders to  listen to my body, get fresh air, not much direct sun etc etc. The bench in the tiny garden is my little bit of calm and beauty - I know it isn't much, but I love it. I sit outside for a while nearly every day, with a book or Sid or just me. The lady who walks dogs always waves and says hello, as does blokie over the road. Peter usually comes to visit:

and offered to help me bring the washing in.

OI! Piggies only, not Peters!

Knitting is sort of happening:

more of that particular bit of knitting to come soon.

I don't seem to have done much knitting at all really, so am aiming to make a shawl with this fabulous wool sent several years ago from a lovely friend.

I keep taking knitting with me when it's hospital day but anything on straights is useless because of the  infusion -  everytime I bend my arm I set the alarm off that says the drug isn't going in. Ooops.

That's it really for now, so have some garden piccies -  the green bean plants are insane! I thought I was going to end up with one,  five foot  bean but the tiny baby ones have just started to grow.