Thursday, 17 June 2010


is wonderful medicine (so long as I remember the sun cream, which I did). Downright hot today, thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the garden with my knitting and book, and an ice cream - and I wonder why I am fat ...

I don't seem to be finished much lately, but I do seem to be starting lots of things and maing a hell of a mess!
The bag at the top is now listed on sulkycat here, as is this one:

I am in a quandry - I need to sell to make some extra cash, but I also need to have about 200 of them to take to Knit Camp in a month! I think I have about 60 made, and sold one yesterday - I think I will list 6 on etsy and 6 on the Artfire link, and sew sew sew.

This one sold as soon as I put it online, and I have an order for another exactly the same, which I cut out today - must try and get more of this material.
At this moment in time I have Taggart on, and am surrounded by half sewn or cut out bags, and a huge mess.

I think I am just going to bundle the whole lot up into a bag, pop it on the table and ignore it - I fancy an hour of knitting before bed. I have another lot of tablets to start tonight, plus antibiotics for this damned cough, so I suspect I will be out for the count when I hit the hay.

Talking of which - bed and cake, a bed cake! Bliss!

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