Friday, 4 June 2010

Hard Times

Sometimes it just seems to go on and on doesn't it?
I am signed off again from workj, for at least 2 months so wont be back this last half term, which is good for my health and wellbeing, but a very weird place to be mentally, as at some point I am going to have to go in and bring a load of my personaly belongings home, maybe in the summer holidays, All most strange.
My Dr, who is wonderfully supportive, recommends I find a less stressful job - yikes.

So I am giving myself a few more days to try and calm down (I am very jittery at the moment and have been very tense all week, an impending doom sort of tense) and then start looking, including jobs out of teaching, but I know not what ... ideas?

As for the Hartlepool interview - when the Head started stroking the hair of the internal candidate without cracking a smile at the rest of us it was obvious where that bizarre day was going. And the hotel? I paid for two nights and left after one, simply couldn't bear another. Mums instead, for some much needed tlc.
This box of lovelies is for a test knit I am currently doing - and loving, will have to check with the designer about how Top Secret it is before giving any details. Enough for now to say I love the pattern, and the wool / cashmere blend is gorgeous.

I am determined to improve my spinning - I keep ending up with lively, overspun wool - not dreadfully overspun but enough to make knitting it up a bit of a pain. All that effort for very little - so I was much more careful with this little lot. It is a custom dyed 'Spin a Cardi' amount bought from the lovely Marianne picperficGreys, pinks, purples, black - perfic!
Very soft bfl, hence the halo on it, I plied with some cashmere and ended up with this:

 which although not perfect is much better than I have made so far. 3 skeins so far and about 150g still to spin. I have an idea in my head for a cardi design, so that's for maybe Sunday.

What else?

I think I posted a while ago about a quilt pattern I had seen in greys - and lo and indeed behold the little fabric shop here had several of the prints in. So did I buy it and cut out the quilt pieces? Or did I buy some and cut out a skirt instead?
Of course, a summer skirt - Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirt pattern, all pieces cut out the other evening and I sewed the front yesterday. My sewing mojo is in hibernation at the mo, but as it is very warm here and I need some summery skirts I plan on finishing this by tomorrow. I also have some flowery (pink roses on black) fabric so if it's as nice as i hope will make one from that too.

I am struggling to reassess and make plans for my life. Things need to change - work obviously being the priority as it is making me very ill. I suspect a new job will mean a house move, and that's ok. But it's hard, wondering where and how to make such massive changes. For now it's one tiny step at a time - this week that's decluttering (kitchen cupboards first and some clothes etc for ebay) and trying to calm down a bit. I also need to sort my physical health out, and at least get a swim in even if I can't manage the gym just yet - haven't been for over two weeks.
Tiny steps.


Susie said...

Stroking the hair of the internal candidate? Good lord. (I read that and had to leave you a comment! Have to say though I'm not sure I'd like to be the internal candidate...)

Obviously you don't know me ;-) but, sorry about your job, I went through a hideous, hideous employment experience (so bad it was almost funny) last year and what you're saying sounds very familiar! Hope it works out.

sulkycat said...

thank you, thats very kind - and yes, it was most surreal watching he hair stroking thing!
your avatar is lovely by the way