Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Money to burn.

SCKC cost me around £800.
Possibly more.

Now I don't know about the rest of you out there in the ether, but to me that is a considerable amount of money. Every summer I go to Scarborough for a week, staying in my friend's small but lovely hotel. I do a lot of walking, reading, sitting by the sea and unwinding - I do it on the cheap. I love it (Scarby holds very special memories for me, family holidays every year, my wonderful nan and gag, all sorts - I love it).

It isn't megacheap (I think it's now more expensive to holiday in the UK than it is to get a cheap flight) but it is considerably less than £800.

I go on my own, and potter about at my own speed. It works for me, perfectly.

So going to something like Knit Camp was a big change. I don't do socialising very much (especially since being so ill), haven't been on top form, and it was considerably more expensive than I could afford.
My wonderful friend was coming through from France for the week, we had the opportunity to mix with knitters, spinners and fibre enthusiasts from the world over (I have never even seen anyone else spinning in reality, I taught myself) , I hadn't been to Stirling for many years, my Dr and Occupational health bods insisted it would do me good etc etc.
The opportunity to have a stand for my sewing was superb, it cost (again) a fair amount of money and was the first larger event I had done. So I invested a lot of money in materials and sewed up a storm. Updated my public liability insurance (again, money) - oh,by the way, I was NEVER asked to show evidence of this. Not once.

Without bleating on about the financial side too much - but it is too important not to mention it - I was seriously looking forward to the week for many reasons.
Then (at the risk of repeating my original Knit Camp posts)
it all started to go tits up on Ravelry.
Yes people got heated.
Yes things got het up.
But by hell there was damned good reason for it all.
And no, I am not going to go into the whole thing again because I feel I have done that in detail.

So now here we are - people have not had replies for 2 weeks whilst the 'organiser' has had a holiday.
In her words - played with my children (who I had not seen for two and a half weeks before Camp), baked, been on a few day trips, gone to our wonderful local museum, done some knitting, felting, spinning (mainly the latter) and even washed a pretty dirty fleece. And the most amazing thing - done some much-needed housework

Apparently the blame seems to lie with Britsh Knitters: the British knitting public are unlike their North American cousins in that they do not travel

Am I the only person reading this and feeling quite sick?
And then we come to this bit. I am assuming - I suspect correctly - it means me.
I can understand some folks' anger and would feel upset if I were them, (but anger is something I try not to feel too much). When things are true, and come from people who were there and therefore have the right to make valid comments, then I can accept that. And I will try to deal with it. Although there is one person who I believe came with the objective to find fault in absolutely everything. Quite frankly, I feel very sorry for this individual.

OK. So....
1) anyone who is angry is not as good a person as she is
2) erm - my comments are TOTALLY TRUE
3) I WAS there
4) I did not go with the intention of finding fault in everything - check your facts, I had 2 classes booked, and a surprise extra class booked as a present from my friend. I was staying off campus. I have always ALWAYS said that I was aiming to have a brilliant holiday no matter what. Knit Camp was the original intention but was NOT the sole be all and end all of my plans
5) I do not need your sympathy

Instead of writing an incredibly arrogant, offensive, patronising and incorrect blog post which only serves to insult the entire British Knitting public (who in large are an incredibly supportive, innovative, friendly and rather wonderful bunch), maybe it would be more productive to spend the time sorting out refunds, contacting the people who have been totally ignored for the last two weeks, posting out outstanding goods ordered and paid for, paying tutors - get the idea?

We legally have to deal with 'stuff' within 28 days of the end of the event, and we will do that.
How bloody rude.

We're really glad that, despite what some people have tried to give the impression of, several hundred folks joined together in one beautiful place for a week of camaraderie, knitting and cake.
Nobody has - to my knowledge - implied anything else.
People were wonderful - they looked out for each other, they got on with it, laughed, chatted, broke the ice, made their own introductions, made friends, made arrangements to meet again, went for meals, pottered about, shared tips.

But I will say it one more time - they did this despite, not because, of Knit Camp.

Barristers? Perrrrrllleaaaaase .... get a grip.

 ** scuse the strange fonts, I think someone has cursed my keyboard. It's a conspiracy, a CONSPIRACY I SAY!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Snookcockery. Cocksnookery. Erm ....

As you can see a highly intellectual blog post awaits your perusal.

To cock one's snook - an arrestable offence in the hours of daylight, but very popular in some areas of Sweden

(I think this is from a tattoo site? Not sure - apologies if it is anyone's logo).
Have you had a nice bank holiday? It's been pretty windy here (outside, I hasten to add), and as I am off work one day is pretty much like another. I have had the fidgets today which I suspect is due to NOT having to be getting organised for the start of the new school year, it's a very weird place to be mentally. Although work is an even weirder place to be hence not going back ... but yes, when it has been such a massive part of my life for such a long time it is very strange not to be getting prepared. Very.

So instead, I have done a bit of knitting (only a bit, far too fidgety and restless). The side of Delphine is finito and I really like it - will be starting the back in a mo (I tend to do a front, sleeve, the back, sleeve, front - totally the wrong order but what the hell).

I suspect this is something I am going to get a lot of wear out of. Does anyone else knit things and by the time they are finished have lost all interest in them? I seem to have a drawer full of knits I don't wear, and only two I wear a lot. Ridiculous. Both heavily cabled, so hopefully this one won't end up in the Drawer of Despondancy.

I bought wool and fibre -

The colours on my photos don't do either lot justice.No idea what I am planning on  making with either lot ...
My daughter has put her Christmas orders in though, so I can start thinking along those lines now. (She is very slim so good fun to knit for!)

Please tell me I am not the only person who does this.
1) takes photos of hair styles they like on the telly
2) watches Diagnosis Murder
3) takes photos of hair styles they like on the telly that are highly unlikely to work on their type (ie thin) of hair ....

I pay a fortune to have my hair cut, and my stylist does a superb job of it - but then I forget . put off going again for far too long and it ends up getting flatter and flatter and more and more boring. It's been months since I last went - I cut my straggly chin length fringe off at SCKC when I saw how manky it looked on some photos, but by hell it needs sorting out soon. Might ring Hair Under the Chandeliers Chez Nicky Clarke and get booked in ... or might let it get more straggly ...

A while ago we ('we' being the rather marvellous British Knitters on Ravelry, a highly sophisticated bunch indeedy) were discussing the merits of various ice lollies.Mostly of the Juniper Tea variety, but not being a fan of gin I opted to try some Pirate Pop ones.
I suspect I was a tad heavy handed with the rum, and they froze after several days - sort of.

Sadly the lolly sticks didn't stay put, so I had to eat them with a spoon, Oh hardship.
Ice cold rum and coke, it makes up for a lot of stuff.
If only I had choccies to go with it ....

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Let's have a little chat

about the word 'lie'.

"an intentionally false statement"
but a joke can then be a lie, a harmless story intended to cause amusement can be a lie. So let's look a bit further.

"A lie is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others, often with the further intention to maintain a secret or reputation" for once, Wiki, that's a pretty good definition.

Apparently I tell lies - as do all those who have posted similar comments on this blog. Apparently I  - we - are also 'mean'. But this in itself is a lie. Because my comments about a certain class are true - please, prove to me that inappropriate comments about guns and shooting were NOT made.
Prove to me that the tutor did NOT constantly go on about health issues, and used these repeatedly to excuse poor organisation.
Prove to me that she was NOT rude to people, did NOT humiliate people, did NOT make sarcastic comments, did NOT make inappropriate comments about visas.
Need I really go on?

I told the truth. Sometimes the truth is very hard to accept. Sometimes the easy way to deal with it is to shout out 'liar! meany! nasty nasty person!'.

Now, let us move to examples of 'lies'.
To post repeatedly and openly about heading to a country to teach. Then when entering the country without the necessary paperwork in hand to teach, to deliberately choose not to mention said teaching plans.
Lies by omission are still lies. To then post about having a holiday at the expense of the organisation is, well,  ill judged at best.
But let us move on.

'Anonymous and untruthful gossip'
1. Rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature.
2. A person who habitually spreads intimate or private rumors or facts.
3. Trivial, chatty talk or writing.
4. A close friend or companion.

No problem there - most definitely the spreading of facts.

But the key word is 'untruthful' - so we are back to 'lies' again. Full circle.
As the bulk of comments are in the first person - not rumour, not hearsay but first person experiences (and I have had many more messages on exactly the same lines) well - folks, you are being called liars. And quite possibly meanies. Come and sit on the naughty step with me and look suitably ashamed.

'Writing mean stuff is just mean' - can't argue with that. So - people are only supposed to write nice things? Despite the TRUTH being less than nice?

Big Fat Meany Liar, that's me. Allegedly.

But that's it from me on this subject, because it's rather boring.
I am planning on a day knitting, sleeping and reading - might even do something domesticated like the washing although it is so windy out there that they might all blow off the line and end up in the canal. And we all know what happens after the washing is dried - yes, it's back to ironing again!

Have a good weekend everyone - yes even you in the cheap seats at the back - and you, and particularly YOU.

Friday, 27 August 2010


silly woman.
Thank you (not silly woman, you are a nice woman) for the heads up about a certain ST (shite teacher)(and silly woman)'s latest blog post, in which she bemoans the nasty liars out there who say bad things about her.
Now it would be quite bigheaded to assume she means this little nobody in Yorkshire, but when her post goes on to mention Ravelry and anonymous replies to said hurtful full of LIES LIES LIES blog, then yes I would be a tad naive not to suspect she means this.

Apparently anyone who says her class and style of 'teaching' is crap is telling porkies? If they dare say she is unpleasant, rude, offensive, arrogant, unprofessional, disorganised and self centred they are 'sharpening knives' ? 'Hate', Ms M, is a very strong word - and a very strong emotion, of which you are simply not worthy. You deleted my reply to your post before, I don't feel the need to reply to you again. Except here, in this little bloggy land of ironing, pink wool and babbling.

There, I think two short paragraphs is more than this warrants.
Back to things that matter.

Chocolate, ironing, wool, books.
I didn't get any sleep last night, was ill with the most god awful stomach pains so am having a completely lazy indolent day, caught up on some sleep on the settee this afternoon and have repeats of Morose Morse on the telly in the background. So no chocolate, no ironing. But I read the last half of Dan Brown's Symbol book in a vain hope that it wold send me to sleep, no luck. Lordy that's a lot of pages of insanity. Then again I am about to start Ill Met by Moonlight which I doubt will be intellectually challenging either. Fairies, Shakespeare and a pretty Pre Raph piccy on the front, what's not to like?
One of my lovely friends made this little critter recently and swears blind it is not yours truly. Despite it now being called 'the Mop Top Julia'. Hmmm ....

Darlene, I am not entirely convinced ... and as for Pat saying it's the same height as me!
(if anyone is in any doubt - I love it to bits and it makes me grin when I see the photo!)
(and I love Darlene and Pat to bits too)

Just because.
It makes me smile.
Have you found it?

I might write something worth reading soon - then again tutors from SCKC might get paid ....

And Ms M, just to show I care and am not all bad. May your dreams be filled with nekkid Cheggers. Every single night.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

La lalalalalallaaaaaaaaa la l a laaaaaaaaa

Oh it's all still going on isn't it? Not kicking off, but definitely going on.
This blog used to be called You Couldn't Make it Up - and that totally sums up the ongoing Shit Camp Knit Camp farce. It just doesn't get more unprofessional that this - tutors not paid (not gossip or rumour but fact), refunds not recived (again, fact), requests for said refunds ignored (fact!) and now the rather amazing news that 'organiser' woman is not replying to emails or messages until 'September' as she is - er - having a holiday still. The website is still down. Nuf said.

And meanwhile, said refunds are sitting in a bank account somewhere presumably earning interest ...

La la lalalalaaaaaaa la. Fingers in ears, head in sand.

People are suffering from Mushroom Syndrome - kept in the dark and fed a lot of shit.

now for something totally shocking.
Guaranteed to raise the hackles of the good folk.

My ironing.

Oh yes - new ironing board, new iron, new laundry basket. Filled iron with rose water and worked my way very happily through the entire load of ironing.
Sadly I have now run out of things to iron - I eyed up my spinning wheels, television, FredHead and the Shoe of Power but none seemed to want to be ironed.
Must wear and wash many more clothes .....

I cooked, gluten free pancakes:

They look somewhat alien brain like in this pic, they do come out a bit flaccid and pale (the gluten free flour is like cornflour in consistency) but by hell they taste good - drizzled with treacle and lemon. Ignore any posts about how fat I am and how hard it is to lose weight ....

Destined to become a pair of mitts for my sister, when I get my act together and decide which of the many many mitt patterns I love to use.

But now, I feel the need to go and peruse wool online. And books, Wool and books, wool and books.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

It goes on ...

the whole ShitCampKnitCamp fandango.

I posted this in the KnitCamp thread, and suspect it might 'magically vanish' soon, so am copying it here.

you cant pick and choose when to be a business, and when not to be

if you owe people money (lets not mess about here, thats what it boils down to) then you make that your priority, not a holiday - and some people were owed refunds from BEFORE the whole sckc malarky

you cant take money and then hide your head in the sand when things go belly up, not if you have any self respect or professionalism
(methinks that therein lies the nub)

other people linked directly to the whole debacle have been online in the last 24 hours but have magically stopped posting in this group

i suspect this post will be deleted before long, but will copy it to my blog
(have had some very interesting messages about this whole fandago)

It's almost spooky isn't it, that people are still waiting for refunds - are STILL waiting for any communication at all, yet the, ahem, 'organiser' has had time to post about health issues on Ravelry, has had time to delete posts by others (nothing new there then), has had time for a HOLIDAY - and is using 'being busy as it's the school holidays' as an excuse for not responding. It was also the school holidays throughout the whole of SCKC, it didn't stop her from going. Or from 'planning' the whole thing to take part in the holidays.

I do have my worst case scenario possibility in mind, and hope it doesn't come true.
I truly hope people get their money back very soon.

I have heard interesting snippets from the week, which I won't post on here just in case.
What I can't get my head round is that some people are still idolising said 'organiser' and are adamant that it was a fabulous week and can't wait for the next one! NEXT ONE! Really?

(dissolves laughing and decides brekkie might be a good thing right now)

(edited to add - very interesting that snippets I have been told all add up, and all agree despite being from unconnected people. As in connected only by knitting. Not people who are disconnected in their heads. Although ....
The best part is that we all seem to be waiting for the same person to get drunk again and post all about it ;-)
It's like a comedy Russian code or an episode of 'allo 'allo - people know but are being careful not to actually come out and say it. It's similar to English footballers shagging about and getting gagging orders to stop people knowing that they are shagging about. Shagging and gagging. There are specialist clubs for that you know.
We all seem to know that the painting of the fallen madonna with the big boobies was actually hiding in the pub toilets rather than drinking Guiness at Craggy Island with Father Jack's toe nails. But will anyone actually dare say it?

and just for the posh folk
all together now ...

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I know, I know - it is indeedy shocking - I have been knitting.

Not much, but some - started on the train to Stirling (did you know I had been to Stirling? Didn't I mention it?) and then abandoned as too complex to have on the go all week. Plus the irony of needing stitch markers on the train and having none handy - and 350 of them tucked at the bottom of my suitcase ...

So far I am really enjoying this - it is Delphine, from Kim Hargreave's Winter Blooms book. Nothing in her new one grabs me which is probably just as well, far too many calling my name as it is.
It is knit in charcoal grey Felted Tweed dk, and I really like it - I love the shaping of the peplum too, very much. Slow going as I am in the middle of an ME slump, but enjoyable knitting.

And of course I am using my own markers.

A big bundle of this arrived the other day - I simply couldn't carry it back from Stirling so had it posted - it is nice think Lopi from Woolfish, I got 10 balls of it but might need more - possibly destined to become a Sylvi which I started ages ago and threw out because I hated the wool.

I love these - I treated myself from M&S the other day and they are just past their very best now, but smell fabulous. And right at the other end of the spectrum, I also treated myself to - oh yes, extravagant or what -

I can't find a solid, ideally not mesh topped ironing board anywhere for under £70 though, what's that all about?? I currently have a tiny ironing board and a small iron, because I am titchy - but I used my landlady's huuuge board and powerful iron at the hotel, and by hell it sped through everything. So now I want a whopping great board - but not at the price! £70!!

And just when you thought my purchases for the week couldn't get more exotic - brace yourself - hoover bags. I know how to party.

I also have some shameless promoting of friends to do - Rebs on Ravelry made some - erm - 'hand relief' cream recently, and sold mini pots of it as testers.
I am utterly biased as one is called Sulky and smells of rose geranium - this travelled around Scotland with me in my handbag and survived (the tub on the photo looks a tad the worse for wear). There's also a lime version, and a lavender and patchouli one - excellent cream, especially for dry knitters hands - do hunt her down on Rav and ask when she is making some more, it's definitely worth trying!

There are a lot of photos in this post, sorry!
This little bundle is the next lot for new bags, amazingly the massive majority of the 97 I took to Stirling (did I mention I had been? no?) have sold - thank you all! - and it is almost time to get sewing again.

and this little beauty is a pressie for a friend.

There, not much by way of actual writing, but many piccies and a post at last!

AHEM, you Britsh Knitting rabble.
Ironing does not make me a bad person
Neither do the hoover bags - I have put one in the hoover but haven't gone as far as turning the damned thing on.


Friday, 20 August 2010


A few things have been added to my artfire shop:
Some of these sheeEEEEEp are being very vocal about wanting new homes, so please do go and have a peep!

Also some more bags added:

More to come including needle rolls.

(It's a bit of a crappy ME day today and I spent most of it asleep in bed, but hopefully that's knocked the worst of it on the head and I can get more packed up tonight to post asap - many packages went out yesterday, thank you for the orders!).

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Controversial ..

I might be really really daring later on today - and post about my knitting.

Dare I?

Gird your loins ... I might even throw caution to the wind and mention sewing, or chocolate.

You have been warned.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Compulsory holiday photos ... there is no escape

It is the law.
Holiday photos.
Just think yourself lucky you can turn the computer off and walk away!
Can't have too many gargoyles.
Or too many old graveyards.
You didn't really expect holiday photos of bunnies did you?

You did?

He wasn't squashed by the grave stone.

The Poetry Society Knitted Poem

My many gilded room. I wish I had a photo of the Jane Austen breakfast room!

Potentially useful links:

I am knackered.
But I made it from Yorkshire to Scotland and back again without being deported.
I did not need a visa.
I did not have to leave the country and go to Dublin and then re-enter (I wonder who paid for all of that malarky?).
I did not feel the need to moan about how awful people were being to me, how much money I had lost (sound familiar to anyone who went to the not-Ravelry Ravelry day last year?).
I did not advertise and sell tickets on the basis of tutors and Ravelry 'owners' who weren't actually going (I dread to think what the legal ramifications of this could be - false advertising?).
I do not have a gagging order in place although some may wish I had. Hahaha.
I am grateful that people will hopefully remember me for the strength of my neatly bound seams (on my bags, obviously not on my rotund person) and not for the piss poor performance of my, ahem, 'organisation skills'.
I did not have the sense to ask for a cash refund of £3 million for the 1,967 classes I had booked that were cancelled.

Mostly I am thankful that when people suddenly stopped chatting and went 'Oh so YOU are Sulkycat!' nobody followed that up with a headbut.

I bet a few were tempted ;-)

Homeward bound

I woke thinking how wonderful it was to be home - immediately followed by what an easy journey it must have been because I couldn't remember it (you know where this is going don't you) - and then I opened my eyes and of course was still in my hotel bed. By this point I really really wanted to be home in my own bed, nothing is better than your own beddy byes.

The journey home was pretty grim, the train from Stirling to Edinburgh was a game of sardine, utterly packed (thankfully I had a seat where I could see my bags), by the time I got on the next train I was past caring whether I was in first class or in a toilet - I tried to pay for a bottle of coke and some crisps with a tampax. That about sums it up.

I left the hotel at 10am, got home around 4pm, tried to catch up on Ravelry and online - and then this blog went utterly mad! Over 3,000 hits yesterday which is insane - thank you all!

So a summary of the week that was. Someone said we need tee shirts along the lines of 'I survived KnitCamp'.

Good points
  • meeting Becca and having such a great time
  • meeting many friendly, charming people
  • laughing, lots
  • breaking out of my hermit lifestyle and being sociable (best medicine ever)
  • the encouragement and support for my sewing
  • spinning class
  • mucho wool buying
  • swimming
  • like minded people
  • great B&Bs
  • Stirling
  • fresh air, greenery, grass (the walking on variety), bunnies
  • the tapestry / weaving at the castle
  • making new friends
  • fudge
  • the Sulky in Scotland thread which is hilarious

The not so good points
  • utter disorganisation
  • complete disregard and lack of care for those who had paid for classes and who needed information
  • unprofessionalism - why wasn't someone delegated to keep the website updated with relevant information?
  • using Ravelry to promote the week - especially when it was done in such a crappy way - deleting posts, locking threads, the infamous flounce - it should have remained on the website
  • rudeness
  • shite teaching from one tutor (I am wondering how someone who moans about their health made it up the Wallace monument, I know I couldn't have done it with my ME), and being a bit cross with myself for not telling her there and then that she was out of order and walking out (which I would have done if I was on top form)
  • the adoration from a small group who semed utterly oblivious to how crap the 'organisation' really was - and who then felt it necessary to be rude to anyone who dared complain
  • hypocrisy
  • lies
  • disappointment
  • money grabbing schemes, fluctuating prices
  • ack, the list could go on and on but I suspect you all get the message
People had a great week - because the majority of them knuckled down and made it a great week.
They should NOT have had to do this.
They - we - made it a great week DESPITE, not because of, ShitCampKnitCamp.
The fact that people had fun does not negate the, ahem, 'organisers' from an abysmal cock up.

I have been approached with 'A Plan' by several people - and the plan was very similar from all.
Watch this space - lessons have been learned from this week (or not, they were mostly so screamingly obvious that a sodding hamster could have done better), plans are afoot (so is 12 inches).

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Saturday is Tizwaz, never a day to miss cos, Satruday is Tizwaz daaaaaaaaay!

And I didn't even like Tizwaz. I suspect I am overtired.

Ok, Saturday
Bloody heck I was tired by then! All week I was aware that I was risking a monumental ME attack and trying to keep a bit of energy in reserve, but by Saturday I was seriously feeling it - not helped by the wine the previous night! I havemade the most of being off work lately by grabbing a kip in the afternoon (that's a sleep not knitting in public!) when I am in need but of course was on the go all Friday.
So very tired but surrounded by good people. We were given a lift to the uni and Becca headed for her class with Joan (deeply envious meeeee).

Lordy I forgot - on Friday, I nipped to buy a couple of Joan's White Lies patterns I have had queued forever and a day. Browsing happily until a voice said 'well hello there Sulkycat' - I turned, smiled and she said 'it's Joan'.
I got the giggles, said 'I am going to turn into a fan girl and dribble on your shoulder now!' and generally acted like a total pillock. I explained how gutted I was to miss the class (I trained as a pattern cutter / fashion dsigner and wanted to transfer that to my knitting) and that my friend was going as we didn't want anyone else touching our bosoms. Joan is great - giggly, friendly, my height! (I had pictured some 6ft leggy woman, I think because her designs are so elegant). I suspect her designs are so elegant and in so many sizes BECAUSE she is neither tall nor skinny.
Anyway I digress - but yes, damned good to meet Joan.

The morning was pretty busy constantly and again I was overawed by all the positive comments, Not overawed enough to be quiet you understand, but overawed indeedy.
It is brilliant to have chatted to so many fabulous people in the flesh (clothes, but in the flesh)(I told you I am tired, just bear with it) and be able to put faces to names from Ravelry. I spoke to so many people - to put this into context I am a hermit, the old story of big city single person, I simply don't meet many people and apart from my lovely friends at work I haven't made any close frinds in Leeds at all. This isn't a pity me post, I like my independence etc, and have adapted to living like this - but ye gods it was good to chat and laugh with so many people!

Sometimes we all need to step back from the crap in the world and realise that actually there are many more good folk than bad, but good news doesn't sell. But enough philosophising.

I made time to roam a bit every few hours, ie to spend my profits, and spent more than I have ever spent on wool and fibre in one go - fabtastic! I appear to have oodles of pink and grey.
 I talked, and talked, and talked some more, and with each talking bout there was mucho laughter. Stall holders gave me great advice - including 'Where on your stand does it say you were a professional seamstress for years, made corsets, trained as a designer? People need to know this information, you need to market yourself and sell yourself - go for it!'
Excellent words - and I thank every single person who encouraged me to do more shows, gave me advice on how to set out my stall to best effect etc.

Several vendors had no idea about the other activities going on, such as the fashion show on Friday, the luminary panel, the sheep to sweater attempt etc. Jo's husband came round with Knit Camp booklets at about 3pm, which was a tad on the late side - several sellers had said they had paid for adverts but hadn't seen hide nor hair of a booklet.

The afternoon slowed down considerably ( more time to shop, hurrah!), and by hell I was tired. Becca came after her class and stayed to help me pack up. I sold more than half of what I took, which was less than I had hoped but much more than I had feared.
For some reason my case and bags weighed as much as they did when I arrived!
Surely all the wool I bought wasn't as heavy as the many bags I sold, surely not ...

We pootled to the bus stop rather laden with my shop stuff, my shopping, Becca's shopping and the general accumulation of knitting, spindles, crisps, water, sweets, and whatnot that seemed to have bred during the day. My poor footsies did their spectacular bleeding act again because they obviously felt left out and in need of attention. The four of us went for a meal again but it was a rather sedate affair due to total and utter exhaustion, Becca taught me how to use my spindle between courses, cheers me dear!
We also had a lesson in speaking with a Tennessee accent, I am sure I can now pass as a local. Hah!

The final blog post will be tomorrow as I really need my bed! Thanks for sticking with it this far.

Friday continued ....

I think we have established that the morning was not good. The warning was there - blogging that you have been less than truthful about why you are in the country and 'having a vacation at Knit Camp's expense' isn't really the most sensible thing to do methinks. Making comments and jokes through the lesson about visas etc also not good, given that a fellow tutor was sent back home - sensitivity, empathy and basic good manners completely missing.

So, moving on.
I then had a fast (long to me) walk to the Market Place - I had covered my stall, left a note and told the nice folk next to me that I would be there around 1, after the class. It was busy from the moment I got there - plenty of folk wandering around, the stalls looked great and the stall holders were friendly and cheerful.

To cut a long story short I sold lots, chatted until my throat hurt, laughed more than I have done in months and had a fabulous afternoon. Becca was superb - she helped out so I could go shopping myself, and was a massive hit with people (how could she not be, she's a good egg). The feedback on my sewing was amazing, and I am still so so happy.

The downside - once people had gone around the 'blue' area downstairs there was very little to direct them to the rest of the stalls, which were out of eye sight. And the stairs. Bloody stairs. Some hand written pieces of paper appeared at some point:

Someone said they thought they were written by a disgruntled vendor, I don't know who did them. If by a seller then thank you! If by 'organisers', then shame on you.

We kept busy until the closing time, pootled home (my poor footsies were bleeding, I have a pretty impressive collection of burst blisters - betcha wanted to know that!) and I had a much needed soak.

Becca and I went out that evening with the Injabulo ladies, and had a quiet, sophisticated night. Or not. Much shrieking, much laughter, good food, plenty of wine and cocktails. The Birds and Bees in Stirling, superb staff and decent food, highly recommended.

Late night, utterly exhausted, but as I say a very good afternoon.
Can you tell I am tired, I think these posts are getting shorter and shorter as I go!

Hang in there folks, almost done and then a summary of the whole thing.


Ok, sheep brooches.
Hand stitched, made from wool mix felt (it's nice quality), hand beaded, backed in coloured felt with a brooch back securely sewn in place.
All sheeeeeeeeps!!! are individually named - I am very happy to repackage with a name of your choice if you want (several sheep underwent emergency sex changes at the weekend and didn't show signs of pain).

I will add them in batches of 5 so I don't get all covered in confusion.

£7 each, postage within the UK included, again I am very happy to post anywhere.

From the top, left to right starting with the lighter grey face:
Holly - sold to a good home
May - sold to a good home
Bertie - sold to a good home

Again, just leave a comment on here if you want a sheeeeeeeeeps!!!!

A commercial break.

This might be faster than updating etsy and artfire - for those who are asking (and thank you!) here are some of the bags I have unpacked and photographed, which are for sale.
The box bags - all are fully interfaced, both the outer fabric and the lining fabric, and all seams inside are fully bound. No raw edges, nothing flimsy - I do include a note saying hand wash, but I chuck mine in the washing machine.
They are large enough to hold a ball of wool, dpns and a pattern - I can squish two balls in, a pair of mitts on the go and a pattern easily. They also work well as a makeup or toiletries bag.
Roughly 8 inches long, 3 inches high, 3 inches wide.
£11.00 each (I lowered the price slightly for the market place and will keep them at those prices until I list in the shops), £1.20 postage within the UK and I am very happy to post elsewhere.

I am online now, so it's a first come first served way - and I will be at home all day tomorrow so will update my shops with more bags for anyone who prefers to buy them that way.

** please post a comment if you wish to buy anything - first post gets the bag!

Knickers and bras! In pinky reds on black. SOLD, thank you

Tea pots and egg cups. SOLD, thank you

Breast cancer care - I will donate £3 to breast cancer research from the sale of this bag. SOLD with many thanks

Hearts. SOLD with many thanks

From top left to top right :
a) flowers and bees
b) purple, reds, black
c) beach scene
d) purple geometrics - SOLD with many thanks
e) trellis and roses
Bottom row from left to right:
f) celtic knots in blues - SOLD with many thanks
g) zingy greens with flowers
h) small hearts and flowers - SOLD with many thanks
i) mini shrooms
j) zingy greens, blues, swirls

Needle rolls, sheep brooches etc to come - and as I say, if you are more comfortable buying through etsy or artfire they will be back up and stocked tomorrow, most realistically in the early afternoon.

Thank you!

PS Blog posts about ShitCampKnitCamp will be back in the next couple of hours ....