Monday, 7 June 2010


in my garden - taken on Saturday before the rain started (it's rained or drizzled pretty steadily since Sunday morning and is set to continue most of the week).
As promised to myself, a lot of tidying and cleaning has been going on here, not that you can tell - the teenytiny kitchen is very clean, all cupboards are sorted and washed so that's a good job done. Living room is cleaned and all drawers etc sorted, but it's now messy again and in need of hoovering and polishing, which I wil do this morning. Bathroom very clean and tidy - so a productive weekend.

Does anyone else feel the need to tick things off mentally (or physically) to prove they have had a decent day? What's so wrong with achieving absolutely NOTHING in a day?
I warned you there was a lot of pink in this post:

You can just imagine my teenytiny garden can't you? Crammed to the gills with pink. There's a lot of green too - if I wore colours I would wear zingy lime green with bubblegum pink, lovely.

And just look at this - fabulous colours, my photo, try as I might, just wouldn't capture the depth of colour in this - fibre I received as part of a recent swap froma  lovely online friend in Canada, thank you so much Tasha!

Two skeins in this, and a third in similar colours with silk, absolutely gorgeous - as soon as I finish spinning up the greys cardi this is next in line - I hope I can do it justice.

Today, a wet grey drizzly Monday, I am going to rouse myself enough to get dressed and get some warpaint on (it's 10am, get yourself moving Julia!) and go for a wander in town. I am out of Diet Coke, my biggest vice, it's a mini emergency! I need to get back to the gym but doubt that's going to happen today, I think I am going to have to hype myself up to it and aim to go on Wednesday, even if I just manage a swim.No idea what else there was I 'needed' from town, hopefully I will remember before setting off!
Then I have some sewing to do, and some ideas to start making reality, watch this space ...

And here is another splash of PINK to leave you with - my current favourite photo, the little pot of dahlias living on the doorstep - enjoy your Monday.

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