Saturday, 31 October 2015

Is it me you're looking for?

Someone is looking at me.
hello, who are you?!

Crikey - hello!
How the devil are you? Long time no see, etc etc.

6 months on I suppose I should have something of interest to post, but nope. Uh uh. Zilch. I do have some piccies - want to see?

The obligatory feet on bench pic - as you can see I had just given birth to bootiful baby - erm - beans. Absolutely no idea why I took this, might have been sunstroke. Whatever. 
The garden has been beautiful this year - tiny, cluttered, chaotic, all that and beautiful.

These were pretty expensive bulbs but worth every penny - also worth every single horrible red lily beetle, I showed no mercy and stamped on every one I found. The spawn of red lily beetle also went. Every day - little fekkers ate all my lilies one year, so I was chuffed to bits that these fabulous plants not only survived but flourished.

I have an assortment of tulip bulbs (half planted, half still to plant), so hopefully they will be as stunning as the lilies. I also have loads from good old Wilko so something should grow.

I bought these (pics from the website);
Green wave

Spring. Bring it on. 

Healthwise - not great. Will write more later, nothing earth shatteringly dangerous but not great.
Because of health issues, I haven't done much or been to many places, even with my lovely man on hand (so to speak)(minds OUT of the gutter perlease). Snigger.

These little loves keep me happy, I think a piggy post is needed at some point. Lovely little fatties.
A little of this has been happening (still need to finish writing this up, plans in my head don't often transfer to the typing / making state). 
I have managed to make some of these ('scuse crappy pics).
I will take some better photos asap, and get them listed on Etsy  and /or Ravelry. I liked the packaging / display bits at first but now think they look a tad fussy. Undecided ....
Want some? Just ask!

And that's it for now - nothing exciting, just pootling along. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Back, with colour. And feet.

Green beans, almost ready to plant up in the greenhouse.
Flowers, lots of lovely flowers.
The traditional chubby feet on table knitting pics.

Enjoy the sunshine!