Saturday, 30 March 2013

'Scuse me .....

What can I say.
Either the methotrexate or the roactemra or both are having - how can I say it - an 'adverse effect' on my innards.

Not quite at pantaloon stage yet ....


Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I love it.
I joined then cleared all my boards a while ago when there was a hooha about the legal implications of pinning / copyright. But the lure of OOOOH PRETTY! was too much.

After a week of almost (ok, absolutely) obsessive pinning I have reached the following conclusions.

  • everything in the entire world should apparently be painted with chalk paint
  • every item of furniture should be covered with hessian (or burlap if you are American)
  • ditto drop cloth
  • ditto white / grey / cream paint
  • did I mention chalk paint?
  • ModPodge can be made from the innards of small mammals, caustic soda and orange juice
  • if it hasn't already got a frill, add one
  • if it has, add three more
  • if it stands still long enough, slap some floral paper on it, then stamp it with French script and possibly some home made ModPodge
  • then paint it white / grey / cream
  • American homes are somewhat bigger than mine
  • American bathrooms are somewhat bigger than my entire house
  • American mudrooms / laundry rooms / nooks / book rooms / guest bathrooms / stoops / kitchen sinks are bigger than my entire house and half of the street put together
  • if in doubt about your food, add butter, sugar, food colouring (ideally pink) and more butter
  • and possibly home made ModPodge
  • apple cider vinegar, epsom salts, washing soda crystals, ModPodge, grey paint and hessian combined will make an excellent natural face pack or hair rinse
  • I am hopelessly hooked on Pinterest

Now this - this is a most excellent use of hessian!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Yo, Sexy Muvvas!

Happy Muvva's Day, all.

Although every day is a mumsie's day.

The dear daughter came for tea today which was lovely - we nipped out to see if Charlie would appear, but I wasn't hopeful as it was late afternoon and chuffin' freezing. But there he appeared in his tree.
Kez asked if he would fly away if she tried to take a photo, I said probably not.

And fly away he did -

right onto his food tub!

Great to have someone there to get a photo - he then walked round and sat inside the tub before flying back to the tree with a beak full of goodies.
I am absolutely chuffed to bits!

('Scuse the roots of my hair, I am in dire need of bleaching!). (I have bleach, have dye, have a dreadfully painful neck).

Robin Whisperer, that's me.
As Kez pointed out, he didn't budge until I spoke to him - he definitely seems to like the sound of a human voice. (I say he, no idea if he is a he at all!).

I am perfectly happy with the neighbours thinking I stand and talk to the tree every day.

It is absolutely BITTER out there tonight, so stay warm and safe. First time my washing has frozen solid on the line in a few years! Mum did point out that's probably because I am not usually daft enough to hang it out when it is minus figures ....

Film for me now (Limitless) and knitting (cobble) - which is trickyish but enjoyable. Slow, very slow as my hands are hating it but I think it will be worth it. And chocolate.

Keep warm!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Cheeky boy.

Sitting in the garden, wearing chunky boots and many layers. Welcome to a Yorkshire Spring!

Long time no see - everyone ok?
I have been zapped of all energy, full of pain, sick of hospital trips, but am determined to pick up. Blogging is a good visual diary for me, so I am going to make more of an effort to post, even if nobody reads it!

Sooooo.... we have had that strange, glowing sky thing here. A few simply glorious days - then bitterly cold, now grey and pouring down, and snow - yes SNOW forecast for next week. So a typical English Spring then.

I love it - I would have always said that Summer is my very favourite, but the last few years of enforced home and garden indolence has made me a massive Spring fan. Assorted 'stuff' peeping through all the pots, something new (literally) appearing every day - I LOVE IT!
Lots of the tulips are budding, there is a lone purple crocus about to open, and one primula survived the winter.
I got a bit carried away with sunstroke and planted seeds, but they will probably die next week.
PSidney loves being in the sun, he sings to himself then stretches riiiiiight out on my knee with his little back feet turned up, he's so lovely.

But the Cheeky boy in the title? Yes Sid is cheeky - but he has competition.
Meet Charlie:

Pleased to meet you!
Do you have food?
Every single day, Charlie hop- hop- hops down the tree when I go out to feed the birds. He started by watching, so I started chatting to him. He does that side to side head cocking thing which is fab!
The more I chatted, the more he watched.
Then he came closer ....

and closer ......

..... still watching .....

..... until greed and curiosity won out and he sat on the food tub, ON MY KNEE!

How utterly magical is that!


I am determined to get him feeding from my hand. Over the last few weeks he has followed me round the garden, sat on the other end of the bench, explored all the pots, hopped under the table - every day he appears. Closer and bolder he gets.

But no, it didn't stop there.

Hop hop hop.
What's this?
A really REALLY big tree?
Let me hop inside and explore.

Yes, he hopped inside the house!
I ended up following him in and asking 'What are you doing cheeky??!'

He has given me so many smiles and so much pleasure. Lovely.

I do have other things to report, but for now I will leave you with The Daily Robin, from yesterday: