Saturday, 26 June 2010


A nice juicy pear?

Or a raw silk brooch?

I finally started my pink twinkly cpaotis last night and finished the increase section - I don't particularly like the finished thing, but there is a clapotea party at Knit Camp, so I 'have' to knit one - goes against the grain, but so be it ..
anyway, so far so good - photos to follow. I plan on an afternoon in the sun knitting.

I listed a mountain of 'things' on Artfire yesterday - I was planning on a craft fair today, but someone mentioned that it maybe wasn't wise when I am off work. Hey ho - anyway, without dwelling on that I listed loads of my 'stock' yesterday instead.
I seem to sew compulsively - I rarely rest or relax, always seem to need to be making making making, I don't know if that's a symptom of the stress or part of the cause or a way of coping, who knows. Either way, I need to relax!

So, an assortment of goodies from my Artfire shop.

The box bags are taking over! I still have another 100 to make (ideally) for Knit Camp - yikes.

These are proving to be as popular as I had hoped (I really like them), and 3 have sold straightaway.

Today I also plan on contining playing with the more abstract bags, in particular the tea cups one. I started one version, but wasn't too taken with part of it so am starting again.
Tea dyed union jacks ...

Enjoy your weekend in the sunshine - tomorrow the Grand Prix clashes with the football, so I will be channel hopping all afternoon - I am on sport overload, footy, the fabulous epic tennis and the racing!

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