Friday, 15 February 2008

Today's mission -to turn this:

into anything other! Nasty thing, very very old (cobwebs in one drawer, household slut that I am) ...but now look at it, I love it! I spotted the beautiful papers a while ago & couldn't resist, even though I very rarely do any paper crafts now. But how perfect are they together! The deepest pink also shimmers, not a naff glitter but a subtle shimmer - I like, a lot.

So thats today's mission.

Am in oodles of pain, spent yesterday in bed, damned endometriosis, bit better today (as in I am upright), but will be very glad when its eased off.

Also have the crafty fidgets, too many projects started - time to get some of them finished off.

I need to make a couple more of these little meeeeeces

for my etsy shop - which I want to get opened this weekend... then again I have been saying that since Christmas....

Loads more bits to get finished, & a skirt to make for a mouse. Not everyday you get to say that.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

the heaven that is half term

Something very special about a Sunday afternoon when your mind IS NOT on work the next day! I still got up at the same time this morning, but it's great not to have to head down to the bus stop in the fog...

The weekend was pretty productive - I stripped, sanded & repainted an old oak dresser that I bought from ebay last summer, it was in a pretty grim state & the natural wood was too dark for my tiny living room.

New ceramic handles courtesy of Monsoon's 70% off sale last year! Am really pleased with it, still needs a bit of work, but it's a million times better than it was. Before (waves at random spot on screen, because the photo insert thingy on here plonks pics in odd places)

and after:

Meeting demon daughter later for toasted tea cakes in Marks cafe (oh healthy eating, go away), then home to get cracking on 2 swaps for Crafster that I am waaaay behind with - have not been late sending anything out so far, fingers crossed I will catch up today!

Then at some point (ha! when?) I plan to make myself something along the lines of this: which I love - full skirt, not slim, so I can breathe out! And cooking, must do some cooking.... and a day with my mum, & a day at Scarborough...I need a longer holiday!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

I guess it's just one of those days...

... not that anything has gone terribly wrong you understand, it's just one of those down in the dumps days, not helped by my energy having buggered off without so much as a see you later.

Last night I couldn't settle because I couldn't think of anything to knit - how silly is that? I struggle to relax - I always feel I have to have something to show for weekends / evenings, which is ridiculous when work can be (and usually is) so stressful.
Then today I end up with silly amounts of things I want to do: this will take me out of my comfort zone knitting-wise, much more complex than anything I have tried so far (points up to the left hoping thats where the pics going to appear), in black with Rowan Tapestry in dark greys for the bands, with black ribbons laced through.

I have a Crafster swap finished (ok, almost - i have the fasteners to put on the bag) - it was a skull theme - felt keyring, knitted jumper keyring, a little purse (not shown because its tooooo simple for words), a felted wristband - I like how they turned out, a fair bit of time spent hand sewing everything eased my stressed mind!
Time to go and do something constructive...