Monday, 31 March 2008

a trip down memory lane...(pics to come later)

(toyah wilcox, just how much did i want to be this woman?!)

have had a very nice day, i just thoght i would share that sentiment with you!
weather-wise its been the best day so far, sunny, mild, blue skies, really lovely - i spent far too much money, craft shops, book shops, knitting magazines, took my daughter for a pub lunch, the lot& have bought an 80s triple cd that just came out today, oh the memories (yes yes, i know, i am REALLY REALLY old!), without a shadow of a doubt the best times in my life so far, loved that whole era, art college, everything
(this, when i was around 14, was sex on a stick)

i wanted to be toyah, (see above), i made pretty much everything i wore, saw millions & trillions of bands, dyed my hair with bleach & food colouring (hair dyes didnt exist in yorkshire!), & stuck my mohican up with sugared water (gels didnt exist either)

these cds are brilliant, in my head i am now 17, if only i hadnt broken my record player then i could have brought down all my old punk vinyl.... this could end in a) tears, b) drunken mayhem or c) with me in traction!!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

just some pretty things for today....

this is a pretty poor picture of Enid (will have to stalk her with my nice new camera)...

this little lovely appears daily with his gang of friends...

and this was a lovely afternoon out while I was away...

Monday, 24 March 2008

just slobbing....

Here, have a little bit of Spring to brighten your day. Warned you I had been playing with my camera....

My teenytiny living room is full of plants, daffs, tulips (& of course oodles of clutter). I warn you, I took some really nice close up birdy pics yesterday so they will appear soon. Do try to contain your excitement.

Have almost finished a set of 3 fabric ATCs to post as part of a (somewhat late) swap on Crafster, (Ok I lied about only turning pages, I did a bit of sewing & painting too). They are not fabulous, but they are my first go, & I certainly don't hate them. This is the one I have pics of so far.... as you can see, they have little doors that open to reveal a different scene, there's the sea, a garden & a forest. Fun to make but they could be much better.

I had a cunning (yet stupid) plan to finish knitting this: (up there, just there) before I go to stay with my mum & my aunty later this week, but my poor hand has objected, so it's been a knitting-free day for me (couldn't believe how painful it was so have had a total break, nothing more strenuous than page turning today) - it has gone together brilliantly so far, by far the most complex thing i have knit (and amazingly I have stuck with it - am doing it as part of a kal on Ravelry so that's helped). The wool is Sirday's Eco wool, in a deep slate grey, & I love it. Not my usual black, but sometimes I live life in the fast lane ....
I am finding it really hard to put text & pictures where I want them to go with this blog. Might have to play about with a typepad one & see what the difference is.
Anyway, am going to go and turn pages again.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

long time no see....

Look who is in my garden this morning!

OK, so it's certainly not the world's most stunning photography, but it's my new camera & I am playing with it. So bear with me, humour the silly woman with pink hair who is taking somewhat random pictures all day...

See, I warned you - I also took this:

... and yes, you just know it, there's more to come. Lucky lucky you.

Have been blogless a while, a couple of weeks off work with the flu 9real flu, not man flu, the real thing that knocks you off your feet completely, not nice at all) then mad mad weeks at work. But I keep reading very beautifully put together blogs, by very talented people, & am inspired afresh to get on with it. Not that i deem myself talented. Or beautiful. Or even awake .

Have been busy crafting lately, am very behind with a couple of swaps so it's a couple of days of sewing, glueing, knitting & generally making a mess ahead of me, then a trip to the scruffy post office of dooooom on Tuesday.

I received this lovely package: (points, kowing that this picture will end up somewhere totally unrelated to this paragraph) - from a ravelry swap, I love the hat, but ohhhh the Choxxie was very nice indeed.

Shallow greedy bitch that I am.

I also recently received this: (again, humour me, let's play spot the relevant picture) from a kal on Ravelry (a prize for my Brea bag, which I must admit I really do like). Very generous, very lovely group.

Was wondering where my typing had gone to then, it's a constant surprise this blogging layout. Spot the relevant picture, then wonder where your writing is going to appear.

Right, that's more than enough for now. Am going to feed the birdies, then take more boring pictures , do some knitting, read, sew, glue things in a messy manner & generally be a total slobette.