Saturday, 30 November 2013

Killing Joke.

Thoroughly enjoyed this:

(apparently it is clips, dubbed with subtitles that - er - don't quite translate exactly) ;-)

But I don't really care - I think it's fab.


Saturday, 23 November 2013


Piccies. I have them.
Many many piccies.

I let PSidney have a scamper on the settee next to me, with his favourite cover down. I also gave him a mirror and some toys, to stop him getting bored.

Here's me thinking that was a Good Thing to do.  Sid seemed to think differently.

See - who is that Sid? Go and have a look.

Little scamp. He was straight through one strandbefore I got it out of his mouth. One strand that happened to be attached to some Christmas pressie knitting. Sid!

This is how many of the photos came out. This gives the impression that Sid moves quickly -do not be fooled. He moves like a slug, unless there is lettuce on offer in which case it's warp factor 73.

Look Sid! A piggy in the mirror! Look!


Eat it! Knitting bag owl! Eat it!
Cheeky! Lovely Amber made me that owl! Gerrof.

So I shoved said knitting bag out of sight beside me:



I love (and at the same time feel sad) how whiskery old he is looking in these photos. He isn't on top form and hasn't been for quite a while - he doesn't seem to be in pain anywhere and is eating and drinking, just not as sparky as he once was. When I get him out all he wants to do is eat, be cuddled, lick my hand and go to sleep. I know how he feels. Minus the hand-licking bit.
Lovely little fatty.

Knitting is happening, on and off. More off than on because of my hands. In a way I will be glad when this drugs trial ends because I can then have treatment on my hands (not allowed at the moment as it would skew the results); they could both do with carpal tunnel operations, so hopefully in the new year.
Talking of which, not much RA improvement sadly, if anything things have become a bit worse because of the side effects of this new drug. My hospital-friend, who started on the same day as me (I was the first person on this trial, J started 5 minutes after me) has had definite improvement, and is delighted (and I am thrilled for her, she is so lovely). So hopefully this drug is going to be a big boost for many, without the horrible chemo-side effects of methotrexate.


This is newish - on the way asap as a pattern. I have given up on making deadlines for myself, life with RA and ME isn't deadline friendly. But it's almost there. Nothing earth shattering, but I like it.
Plus there is this:

 from last year and still not written up. Maybe next Christmas? 2031? Yes?

Hope any remaining readers are well.
Keep warm.

Thursday, 21 November 2013


Tempting isn't it - what happened to those crisp Autumnal days where prancing through the leaves was too crunchy to resist? This year has been mostly soggy and grey, ick. I keep collecting rather beautiful leaves from the big tree in the garden, planning to do something arty with them - then they go all crumbly and end up in the bin.
Mum dipped some leaves in wax for a school project of mine when I was about 8, I should give that a go - some of these leaves are gorgeous and I know that poor tree will be bare as a bare thing before long.

No photos today - I thought I had lots of recentish ones already downloaded but apparently not.
Must remedy that - I tend to use this half-hearted blog as a visual diary for me, and do like skimming through my favourite photos.

In fact I might go and start sorting the lack of piccies thing now - I cannot think of much to write about off the top of my head, other than the usual health trials and tribulations.

And before I forget (use this as reminder, Sulks!) - inspired by Roobedo's '40 before 50' I think I might play about with something similar. 48 next year. Yikes ....

Back soon.