Friday, 11 June 2010


Loads of things to post.
You know when you think you haven't achieved anything except making a mess in every room in the house? And think there's absolutely nothing to show for it all? Well get your camera out and take photos of everything you actually did along the way, because you will have achieved so much more than you suspect.

Or, of course, you might have just made a hell of a lot of mess.
So, the cards are one thing - the glitter needs a tidy up (I like seeing things looming HUUUGE on my laptop screen, because the flaws show up), but I love the stamps and the card itself is nice quality.

See the wonky glitter? Easy to touch up, but I hadn't noited it at all until I took the photo. Going on etsy tonight / tomorrow in packs of three.

I like the envelopes.

Anyone who does actually reads this may remember that I wrote my craptastic book last November, for nanowrimo. It is a fairytale sort of book, with quilting and spinning running through it, and my idea was that each chapter had a pattern to link to it. Not that I am overly ambitious or anything, having never ever written a knitting pattern before. Foolish woman.
Anyway, instead of talking about it I decided to finally DO it, and started the first one last night. The malabrigo is gorgeous, in a very zingy green as you can see. Love it, love love love. Especially against the deep pink ( I think I will line it in a similar pink when / if it ever gets finished.

So that kept me busy late last night - I think I decided to cast on for it at about 10.30pm, watching Once Upon a Time in Mexico, which made me say 'Juan Sheet Does Plenty' out loud several times, much to my amusement.
Simple things and simple minds methinks ...

I also tried this, which is something I have never done before. The bag is linen lined with silk, and was fine. More than fine. Until I tried to attach the frame. Lordy what a mess. It reminded me of doing art with infants, I had glue EVERYWHERE. I am going to dismantle it, bin the bag bit and start again. I love how it looks, and absolutely adore the big bobbles (you can see me in them, that's scary!) but I made a dreadful mess.

Good fun though!

Ha. I love this - I want to wear it on my head and shout de hurdy gur! a lot, and run around with a whopping great knife.

It's a bag, upside down and inside out, and waiting to be finished - I really like this pattern and suspect several more will appear over the weekend to use up some of my material mountain.
And that's reminded me what I needed to go into the city centre for, more fleece. Bugger.

And this is for the weekend, part of my mission to cook something new every week. It looks ok, not mindblowingly brilliant ('add wheat free pasta' - er, that's a bit of a cop out isn't it!), but pretty good. And I can add fresh chilli to many of the recipes to perk them up!

And now that I have remembered what it was I needed from town I suppose I had better get some warpaint on and get ready for the bus.


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