Saturday, 19 October 2013

Well hello there, you little minx you.

Haven't seen you for a while - yes YOU,you luvverly thing you.
Waddya mean it's my fault for never posting? Sigh.
In other words I seemed to vanish for a while.

The puddytat- no idea whose it is,  but it is so friendly! Just like dafty Peter from over the road , remember him? Mr Handsome who wanders into anyone's house and makes himself at home -  the old bloke over the road said he came down one morning and found Peter fast asleep in his armchair, and his own cat was just ignoring everything!

Hello Peter.
Pretty black and white cat wandered into the house, sat down and had a wash then did that ' I am soooo hungry and look how sweet I am and did I say I was hungry?' thing, rubbing against my legs.
Loads of  cats in this little street, but these two are the friendliest.

So, Sulks, what ever have you been up to then?  Anything exciting?
Health issues still dominate life /  lack of social life etc. Still  plodding to hospital every 4 weeks for  the drug trial infusion, still seeming to develop new side effects. On the Thursday just gone the consultant double checked all my results and announced 'You have actually got worse since we started!', which wasn't quite what I wanted to hear.
My lovely nurse reassured me that there were plenty of other things to try now I am on biologics. Moving into a bungalow and getting a mobility scooter has been discussed but I really do NOT want to take that step (no pun intended) for a long time. I really like this ridiculously tiny house.

Weekly drug trial Methotrexate. Very tightly monitored; lots of paperwork, return all bottles etc etc. 'Tis a double blind test to see if the new drug works as efficiently WITHOUT the dreaded meths. 6 of these brown horse pills every week.
Spot the mistake above?
Come on, there are only 3 of us on this trial on a given day, 15 in  total. It takes over 4 hours for the infusion and medical checks. And you still cannot count!
Plus the pills come in impossible bottles - I have to use a knife to get into them, another patient said she has to get her son to open them. Hey, you people with fucked up hands! Let's have a bit of fun and see you try to open these little bombproof buggers!

This is the pitiful face of a not-very-well piggy. Poor Sid, definitely not his usual dafty self lately. He hasn't any sore spots (he lets me manhandle him easily), but this sums up what he was like for a few weeks. Thankfully he seems to be a bit perkier at the moment, and snuggled with me last  night singing away to himself whilst trying to shove lettuce andgrapes into his mouth as fast as possible.

Look at those piggylips! Awwwwwwwww. I love Sidney.
Ooooh - Sid's Aunty Pat and Aunty Nimbii bought him a fab present, look!

Knitting has been happening, designing is ongoing, energy  is needed.
Sewing has not happened despite the urge (hands just too painful).
Painting has been tentatively started.
Much loved family member who is seriously ill is doing much better,which is incredible and too wonderful for words. None of us are under any delusions and take one day at a time, but to know things are more bearable lately is enough for now.
I have some other health worries at the mo, waiting for an 'urgent' referral. Whatever the results we will deal with it. I should probably be more worried than I am, but amshoving itto the back of my mind,  most of the time.

I did tell the hospital Dr I was going to go home and eat chocolate, and that if I wasn't in a diabetic coma by midnight summat was wrong! Considering it's mostly my hands and knees that are affected  that poor Doc has seen far too many of my bodily parts.

Right, that's it for now.
I have realised, whilst typing this drivel, that I do enjoy blogging - I  am a visual person, and being able to add piccies to my mumblings is good for me. I am not into artyfarty journalling despite several attempts but this works, sort of.