Sunday, 13 June 2010

Busy weekend

As part of my trying to stay positive I remembered to take my camera with me when I walked down to the bus stop, because something rather pretty had caught my eye last time I was there (not literally, that would be rather painful). These smell incredibly sweet - are they dog roses or did I make that name up?
I also love cow parsley when it's huge and flowering, there's loads along the canal but it's not safe enough to go for a walk alone there anymore.

The bus was 35 minutes late but it was  abeautiful day - I peeled off my mac and made the most of it, and told myself I wasn't in a rush so it didn't matter.
And really, it didn't.

My sewing machine has died, which is really pissing me off. It's only 2 months old - the needle went from sewing perfectly to jamming against the foot plate in the blink of an eye:

I have had it apart and it seems it just needs shunting forwards a fraction, about 2 millimetres, but I can't do it. Bugger. It's from Argos and I have a sneaky feeling they will say they will repair it - I don't want it repaired, I want it replaced there and then, I need it!
So that's the expense of a taxi tomorrow, I have loads to do in town so I hope they will replace it, I really hope so, and that they will hang on to it for me until I have been to the post office and done my shopping - then the expense of a taxi home (although that bit is ok, as it would mean I had a new machine).

Grrrrr. If they agree I plan on upgrading it (yet again, this machine was an upgrade) for a Singer that's about £40 more. I have sold quite a bit of 'stuff' on Ravelry and Ebay this week, much needed Knitcamp funds that now looks as though it's sewing machine funds. What happened to good old solid machines that lasted 20 years?

I di proper cooking yesterday - it doesn't look as fab here as it did in reality, honestly!
Carrot, parsnip and cashew nut loaf ( I added fresh chilli and parmesan, whihc it needed), with spinach, walnut, blueberries and feta salad with a raspberry vinaigrette (couldn't find any in Marks so made my own - a bit on the oooooooh side with the sherry vinegar but still good!). Really enjoyed this and packed full of goodness.
Then I undid it all and made a rhubarb crumble to try out my Doves gluten free plain flour - big success, very pleased. The flour looks like cornflour, very fine and dense, and the crumble looks very smooth if that makes sense, and almost like coconut, but tastes great - very pleased with this. Crap for the weight loss plan, but good to know it's edible!

It gradually wend darker and darker today until I was sitting in this tiny room watching the Grand Prix in semi darkness - then it did this, Sheesh.
It's rumbled with thunder for a few hours but nothing happened except the rain, I love storms and thought we might have had a corker but no such luck!

Hard to believe sometimes that the pouring rain was like this two days ago ...


Susie said...

OK, 1/ I'm not a stalker 2/ I don't like leaving comments that refer to my own blog as I know it is naff, (and 3/ I'm going to bugger up your comments with a horrible long link but...)
Don't let them repair it, get them to replace it - I can't remember if all the horrendous sorry tale is in this post I'm linking, but I got mine repaired and it broke again (it was doing a similar thing to yours, and the second time round at least I was completely innocent). Save yourself the trouble!

sulkycat said...

link away to your hearts content - thank you! i had a nightmare returning it but went armed with extracts from trading standards and the sale of goods act, and finally got a full refund (and paid extra, upgraded my machine and left quickly)

i might need to wear a wig and huge sunglasses next time i go in to argos ....