Sunday, 19 September 2010

Well ...

it's been an interesting couple of days here in tinternet land.

More and more SCKC revelations seem to be coming out of the woodwork on a daily - hourly - basis. More people are blogging about it. More are revealing the 'organiser's past history.
Sadly the more that is revealed the more unlikely it looks that everyone owed money or goods will get them.

I could of course be all smug and say I told you so to those who say I only went to SCKC determined to have a shit time. Or the same to those who said I was a tewwible meany to complain about The Class of Shite. The truth hurts sometimes. Deal with it.

The new SCKC motto?

There hasn't been anything particularly surprising revealed and I think that's one of the saddest parts about the whole affair - that there are so many levels, so many layers of appalling behaviour and financial misdoings that many have reached the 'oh, I am not surprised to hear THAT' state. Myself included.

What has irritated me recently has been the hypocrisy of some.
From being very rude and patronising to those who voiced their concerns BEFORE SCKC, and repeatedly posting how wonderful the 'organiser' was and how they would have a fab week and couldn't wait for the next ones and how RUDE and negative others were being - to being the most sycophantic, 'oh I didn't know anything about the background, isn't it all tewwible' anti the 'organiser' around.

Obviously a lot of people have found out 'the truth' after the event. But it bugs me when anyone who was openly rude and patronising to those who said it had potential to be a craptastic week then does a massive about face and seems to have forgotten every word.

Which brings us to the whole Schadenfreude aspect. Yes there were unbdoubtedly some who were lapping it up, enjoying every minute of gossip and scandal - and I assume some still are. 'Tis human nature - car crash mentality. I personally find some of the comments uncomfortable reading - but surely that's the point? It isn't pretty viewing - but by hell it's essential that everyone knows what's going on.A lot of people have adopted the 'it's OK, others are owed more than me'. This happened a while ago and the majority ended up out of pocket. Small amounts add up very quickly.

It's possibly a cultural thing - don't make a fuss because people will stare, say sorry when someone bumps into YOU etc - I said similar the other week. But far too many get away with far too much in the name of politeness.
If someone is secretly getting a bit of a kick from what they post then so what, get your rocks off m'dears, if it helps others get their money back that's fine by me. Not that my opinion matters ;-)

What? It does? In that it obviously hit a nerve with the Karmic Klaptrap the other day. Silly sausage. THIS  might just be your karma now .... oh yes, the Hoover Cover of Dooooooooooooommmmmmm is coming to get you.

Just don't get me started on the Pope ...


I am incredibly touched (some have said that for years) by this gift. This as yet unnamed little penguin is Geoffrey's cousin (as you can tell we are a highly intellectual lot in the British Knitters group on Ravelry). She discovered the chocolate within minutes and has not exactly been the best behaved of penguins overnight. But she is incredibly pretty - name suggestions very welcome! (You didn't come here for meaningful literary commentary surely?)

And I will leave you with this:

You will never look at a duck in quite the same way again.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Just a quickie ...(oo er missis)

to anyone waiting for parcels from me- I am struggling with health issues at the moment, but better than I was. (I don't want to turn into a pity me woe woe woe one woman pity party, truly I don't).
I will be able to get to the post office Monday at the latest, possibly tomorrow but I am scared of Leeds city centre on a Saturday!!

I think it affects about 4 people who are waiting for different items, and I am really sorry for the delay.

Thanks folks, normal service will be resumed asap!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

As promised ...

(there, I knew I had forgotten something)
an update on the SCKC farce.
I did hint ages ago at a worst case scenario, and discussed my concerns with several people in more detail. And it appears to be happening TODAY.
Obviously I am not sitting in the 'organiser's pocket at this very minute (good thing too as she is 'too ill' to deal with any problems - although well enough to be deleting her profile information and photo from Ravelry yesterday and the day before ....) so all the information I have is going to be prefaced with the magical 'allegedly' word. And carefully worded.

Read into it what you will - BUT this bit is absolutely vital:

Even if it is a tiny amount, claim it back this minute.

Because after today - allegedly - certain companies will cease to exist and there will be nobody to claim from. Toytown, obviously I am talking about Toytown.
It appears that Mr Organiser has been - allegedly - given the unenviable task of closing down certain fluffy bunny companies. No surprise to anyone who knows what went on in lala land last year. This is not the first time wabbits have suffered. Hopefully it will be the last.

These may appear at some point ....
closely followed by these:

And glasses of chilled wine.
And a holiday.

I don't envy anyone with an illness brought on by stress - how can I? I don't envy any family suffering financial problems. BUT if all of this has been brought on by incompetence, rudeness and an overwhelmingly arrogant, I know best attitude - then one's understanding and empathy runs somewhat shallow.


OK, onto other news.

Important things first - I have a new phone and it is PINK. Gloriously, unashamedly PINK. I can't actually use it yet because I am waiting for my PAC code to change providers sometime today, but I can flip it open and play with ring tones to my heart's content.
And take photos.
And add numbers.
And that's as much as I understand on it.
But it's very pretty and PINK.

Health - not great.
Dressing gown day today, and I think I need to ring the Dr again this afternoon and get booked in, I don't think I can carry on like this for another 2 weeks until my hospital appointment. Hey ho.
So I plan on scrubbing some baking trays (cleaned my oven late last night, distraction techniques methinks) and knitting.

Knitting - still plodding on with Delphine and about 4 rows from finishing the back. I also have a couple of shawls I want to cast on today / tomorrow, and have cast on for two pairs of mitts.
Er .... I haven't actually looked at any of my many many half knit items though .... one day.

Might need to go up and have another destashing session, I sold a few bits of nice wool last week and posted them yesterday, but I am sure there's more I can bear to part with to make some room.

Rightyho. This is a slightly dull post, sorry.
But I will leave you with some words of pseudo wisdom - when you Google 'pink rabbit' - just don't expect all the 'rabbits' to be of the fluffy variety .....

** have just been sent this which is rather interesting:
the simplest way to close a company down is to let it go dormant, there’ll be no trading activity and after a three month period (during which period NOTHING happens), when it is clear there are no further creditors, you can apply for it to be struck off the register.  Realistically you’ll need to lawyer / professional company secretary to help you with this

As for a shop selling unicorns and wisps of wondrous magical air allegedly only taking cash and not using the till - oh dearie me.

More fluffy wabbits needed.
More wine.

The most worrying thing - what on earth will we all talk about when this all dies down?
Suggestions on a postcard please ...

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hello you!

Long time no see - how the dickens are you?

Well, I hope?

Sooooo.... what's new? Nowt much.
I have some rather nice material, all ready to chop into - must must must get some sewing done later today. Plus more brooches - amazingly almost all the sheeeeEEEEpsies have gone to their new homes. Watch this space for penguins too ...

There will be owls (oh, and owl brooches, prototype is almost finished), and Moomins, and more jumping sheep, and Herbie cars. It's all go.

I am quite mellow at the moment - or simply knackered, who knows. Healthwise, hospital appointment has come through (my Dr was not impressed - she requested it within a week, the hospital changed it to within 3 to 4 weeks - er, my Dr was the one who saw me, not the bloody hospital). Anyway, at least something's being done. Most uncomfortable all the time, I permanently feel as though I have just finished an enormous three course meal which makes eating a pretty unpleasant necessity - I eat a very small amount, yet my poor tum is swollen like a drum, Tis not nice.

My mum said - this is my favourite quote in ages - 'what if they have to cut you open and they find that your insides have turned to solid chocolate? There might be a whole Chocolate Orange in there!'

This is why I almost always have my camera with me. I was waiting for the little bumpy bus on Friday, and spotted this little chap having a damned good scoff over the road. I managed to grab a couple  of shots (with camera, nothing more violent) before he scampered off. It made me grin, there was a much bigger squiggle who helped himself constantly from my garden last year. I know they are flying rats really but there's something smile inducing about squiggles, I love them.

I bought myself this on Friday - would have been rude not to. It seems like a very long time since I bought clothes (other than black tee shirts, I have a large amount of assorted black tee shirts), but I couldn't resist this scarf - plus it's pretty huge too. And cheap. And possibly slightly chavtastic but who cares.

Knitting - well, I am still plodding on with Delphine which is the slowest thing I have ever knit - have just decreased for the armholes on the back so that might get finished today. I absolutely love it but it's just soooooo sloooooow. I have two pairs of Christmas mitts lined up next, they should be a bit quicker. Then oh, another 3 cardies lined up too ... I luvs cardies. Luvs 'em.

Well, I am going to have a quick tidy up in here then settle down with the Grand Prix and my knitting. Happy weekend to you!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hmmmm..... discuss:

a quote:
I read the other person’s blog post, and (as with most such things), I noticed that she was far more interested in publicizing her outrage, and fanning the flames, than in actually fixing the situation. I also noticed that she identifies herself as a teacher, which in her mind seems to give her a license to diss other people’s teaching. I know many teachers, and unfortunately many of them are the worst possible students. I sometimes think people become teachers so that they will never again be in a classroom they themselves do not control. Certainly she did not stop to think how she would feel if a student in her own class plastered her disgruntlement all over the airwaves.

This is about me, I read it, thought about it and am still thinking about it. I only bring it up because it is one of the few comments 'over there' in sycophant land that didn't make me want to laugh / vomit.

Let's look at this point by point.
Far more interested in pulicizing my outrage?
I am not outraged - good heavens, it hardly merits that sort of emotional investment, I was  pretty stunned by all the points I mentioned before, that someone can be this crap and still 'teach'. Outraged? I don't think so.

fanning the flames, than in actually fixing the situation. Hmmmm .... bear in mind the readership of this blog was limited to my close friends. It was intended for my personal use. The posts about SCKC were then included as an absolutely true personal account of a week that had stirred up a huge amount of interest DIRECTLY due to the utter incompetence, rudeness and lack of communication from the 'organiser'. (I still cannot bear to write that word without inverted commas).
How, pray tell, do you suggest I fix the situation? By ignoring it? By doing what certain people are doing and sticking my head in the sand, hoping it will all go away?
Do you not think that people have the right to know the truth?

I stress again - this was not some made up, exaggerated, embellished story just for the sake of it, or for the sake of a bit of cheap sensationalism - it was the truth. Guns, illness, lack of handouts, incredible rudeness, egotistical attitudes, disorganisation, humiliation - need I go on? Really - you think I made it up? I think not. I know not.

It isn't for me to fix. I am not the one with rubbish classes.

identifies herself as a teacher, which in her mind seems to give her a license to diss other people’s teaching.
No, what it gives me is a benchmark and a lot of experience against which to judge whether a class of any sort is good or not. I don't 'diss' other people's teaching - but by hell I am not going to say 'oh it was fine' when it was a bag of shite.

I know many teachers, and unfortunately many of them are the worst possible students
Really? I know a lot of teachers too, some crap, some average, some inspirational - I don't however know many who are the 'worst possible students'. Instead, I know plenty who have respect for whoever is teaching / delivering training because they appreciate how hard it is to get it right. They make allowances because they have all been in that position. However, they can also be damned hard critics BECAUSE they have been in that position. You want to be an excellent, outstanding teacher? Then you play the bloody game, you tick the fekkin boxes, you cater for all learning styles, you have a plan, a clear objective, you share this with your students - and by the end of the lesson, session, training, whatever - you show how you have all made progress against these objectives and what the next step would be.

It applies across the board.
Joking about guns? Fuck me, I think not.
My health is terrible, I keep forgetting what I am doing - well plan for that then, have notes, have prompts - PLAN. Be a bloody professional - or get another job.
Humiliating students? Really? This is acceptable is it? Not to me it isn't, ever.

Got it?
I would suggest you mix with a better class of teacher in future, the ones you know are obviously not up to much.

I sometimes think people become teachers so that they will never again be in a classroom they themselves do not control
Well if that's what you think that's fine, your opinion. But I am not quite sure what you are getting at here - do you mean that teachers feel the need to control every teaching experience they have? Blimey, a course with what, 200 teachers that I was on a few years ago which was superb, by far the best I have been on in a long time (one of Ros Wilson's Big Writing days, if anyone is interested) would have been quite bizarre if all 200 had tried to take control of the day. Most bizarre.
Genuinely, I am confused by your statement.
If I am not delivering a lesson I don't want to have control of the room - believe me, it's very nice to sit back and absorb information rather than be up front delivering. I can only assume you are not a teacher.

Certainly she did not stop to think how she would feel if a student in her own class plastered her disgruntlement all over the airwaves.
Blimey, that's said with a lot of conviction. If a student in my class was utterly pissed off believe me, I would know about it - the kids I teach would throw a table and run out, or utterly destroy your whole lesson if it wasn't pitched correctly, wasn't tightly planned, didn't take into account their learning styles, wasn't correctly differentiated etc etc. Or punch someone in the face.
All over the airwaves? Really? My blog is on the telly? Wow, I missed that bit, I would have done my roots if I had known. Did my bum look big?
I have taught adults - I have had feedback, good and not so good  and have adapted what I teach and how, have learned from it (or aimed to learn from it) and moved on. Teaching isn't static - you don't get outstanding and sit back on your laurels and relax. You keep learning, keep improving, keep striving to be the best you possibly can. Criticism hurts - in any realm of life - and you move on, hopefully as a better person and a better teacher.
But you can only do this if your ego is not so utterly huge that it prevents you.

OK, that's me done.
Anyone else?

I know, I know, all I have really done by typing this little lot is give someone a bit of publicity. Maybe, by responding, I am being as silly and petty as the sycophants.
After all, if people are perfectly happy with the teaching I have slated then that's their business, there's plenty of room in the world for everyone.

But can we accept that I have an absolute right to post my opinion on here, my blog? I don't have to be polite, I don't have to mince my words, I don't have to do that genteel English thing of apologising when someone bumps into you or saying 'yes it's fine' when it absolutely isn't. Yes that haircut that just cost me £60 and makes me look like the bastard offspring of Ziggy Stardust and Pat Butcher is exactly what I wanted, thank you it's lovely. Bugger that.

But it was  a vaguely interesting post that made me stop and think for a few minutes. So I replied, sort of (it doesn't seem at all fair to link directly to the person who posted it). After all, I can't possibly post pretty photos of sunflowers every day, can I?

Now, moving on - have you all played with Google today?

Saturday, 4 September 2010




Poshness - lovely!

Little Red Bicycle - lovely!

Pointless Pound Shop Purchases - lovely!

Destined to become bags very soon. Watch this space / place orders.

Ok, I make no secret of the fact that I don't get the whole knitting socks malarky, I tried - I hosted a sock along a couple of years ago, bought lovely wool, nicely complex pattern, toe up, spiders, cables, bobbles, the lot - utterly completely and absolutely bored to tears with them. Turned the heel, got a few inches up the leg bit and threw it all away.

I don't really wear socks - for the gym yes, but I tend to wear skirts rather than jeans, and sandals all summer. In winter it's boots (with socks under - but what's the point in hidden hand made socks?). I like long socks peeping out the top of my long boots, ideally with ribbons and bows.
BUT I do now have a pair of hand knit socks, and yes, they are incredibly soft and comfy - a gift from lovely Becca!

Hand dyed, bed socks, perfect fit for my diddy feet - I wish I could find where I put the note that came with them, it was brilliant. Thank you Becca!

Hmmm.... this seems a very jolly post. Let's see ... what can I do to toughen it up?

Gerroutofmypub! AND you look like you have the world's worst hair piece on in the latest advert - get off my screen you pillock!


2) how many paperboys nicked the 'money envelopes' from the Daily Mail this morning? eh?

Neither of the above will make any sense whatsoever for anyone outside the UK, sorry!

There. That's better.Ooops, almost forgot -

3) anyone had their full refunds from SCKC yet then?

Thursday, 2 September 2010


A few more things added to the shop - more to come.



I felt the need to surround myself with beautiful things.
The sun was shining - we are having the most fabulous week of weather, it was 21C here yesterday, and my teenytiny garden is a little sun trap in the afternoon. I sat on the step with a book, then played with my beloved camera.

Only one of my dahlias grew this year, but as it is a rather gorgeous one I can't moan about that. Love it.

Absolutely love it.
My sunflowers - well. Let's just say 'stunted'. But some of them did flower, so I suppose the birdies will enjoy the seeds in a few more weeks. They attract faaaar too many nasty wabby things for my liking though, yuk.
Past it's prime (aren't we all?) but still a lovely splash of colour. Last week when it was craptastic weather I could see these blowing and bending in the wind from the settee, and bless them they survived. Erm. There wasn't any wind actually ON the settee, you understand. Although maybe there was a little bit. The wind was outside, with the sunfleurs. Got it?

BUT LOOK! Nasssssty, nasty. (can you spot the person allergic to nasty striped critter stings? epipen at the ready, grrrrrr to you useless bloody stingy things).

pants to it
great big saggy pants

I have no problemo with buzzybees though. I hasten to point out I do not call them buzzy bees in public. Much.
When I was sitting waiting for the bus the other day there was a comedy bee, hugely fat and drunk on pollen, BUZZZZZING his way in a big blousy dog rose next to me. The noise was brilliant, like something from a cartoon. Every now and again it would go silent, then this bizarre loud BUUUUUUUUZ! would start up again. By the time the bus came I was giggling like a Scary Bus Person.

Today I had an urge to wash every single towel I own - and I own a lot of towels for which I blame Miss L Ashley and get them all out on the line in the sun. Not really sure why but it seemed a good idea at the time, I now look as though I have opened a very PINK B&B. There may be ironing at some point. There most definitely needs to be tidying, much much tidying (it's an utter shit heap here at the moment). And sewing.

And knitting. I have the urge for something lace and pretty and definitely pink.