Sunday, 22 June 2008

ahhh, time to knit!

after finally admitting defeat with the farce that is this years exam marking system, & emailing them to collect my unmarked papers (& yes, i feel guilty, but theres only so many calls to helplines you can cope with when the whole system goes belly up for the umpteenth time....), i now have TIME, that luxurious commodity! so i started the could i possibly resist?
autumn asters cardigan, in the summer interweaves, i absolutely love it! (
first time i have tried to follow a chart, albeit a mini chart for the leaves, so far so good...

the wool is a gorgeous debbie bliss handspun, more debbie bliss on the way from fleabay, in varying shades of pink, also some very vivid green silks (& i have some pink rowan silks upstairs that i might throw into the mix too)

and this is what you get when you do 'an edible colour wheel' at school! absolutely loved it, great fun - the kids were clarted to the eye balls, behaved perfectly (i teach kids who have been thrown out of school) & ended up with purple tongues.... fill 'em up with colouring & sugar & send 'em home (insert huge leer here)
enid. i love my enid.
playing with bits on my camera, & really really pleased with how clear most of my shots were...more to come, you lucky lucky reader(s)
and this just about sums up my week, which has been pretty grotty & has reduced me to tears of frustration & anger on more than one occasion

Saturday, 14 June 2008

busy busy busy....

Hmmmm... what have we here?

Lordy what a week...far too much going on at work, none of it good, so am seriously glad it is the weekend!
I have oodles of marking to do still, in fact I had some silly plan to do 50 papers today but so far I have done the grand total of - er - none.

I have an excuse though! I got this assorted lot of marvellous swap goodies from the very talented & lovely Eukarya in a recent swap, obviously a sea themed swap (total self indulgence, I organised it!!) , how can I possibly mark exam papers when I have choxie to totally gorge myself on, & these brilliant goodies to look at? Fellow crafty people i am sure you will understand....

Plus I also have these to get on with - the little cardi is for a colleague's new granddaughter, but at the rate I am going she will be a teenager before I get it finished, not sure what it is about it, bhut I just can't get motivated to finish....

The black goodness, which is very badly photographed, is from Knitting Lingerie Style, the shaped lace tee, & it is sooo easy to do! Again, my motivation went astray, but I have picked it up again, finished a sleeve & started the front last night infront of NCIS (ahhhh, the silver foxiness that is Gibbs....) (the pinkness behind it is a gorgeous dress from East, very expensive & in need of alteration, & has been since last summer). One day, one day...the things I plan to do in the summer holidays beggars belief!

OK, I suppose I had better show willing & go to do some marking....toodle pip people

Monday, 9 June 2008

sulky, you are one sexy lady

people have asked me in the past, what do i look like......(obviously these are people online - people i know in the flesh tend to already know what i look like....)

oi sulky, you gorgeous bird, reveal yourself in all your true glory, they shout

honest they do

so here i am....

imagine this:

mating with this:

i am the offspring

betcha drooling

Sunday, 8 June 2008

sunny weekends...& chubby feet

this was my birthday, the long awaited days at the seaside...was on the local news the day before, absolute downpour! so this wasn't really a surprise - we went laden with brollies & jackets....the mist cleared, the sun came out, & we had a fantastic (expensive) day!
this little beauty was at the sealife centre, which was sooooo busy that we had to shuffle along the first part in a very very sloooooow queue, but we skipped past part of it, got outside, then pretty much did it all backwards as the crowds moved away

i was surprised that my photies came out so well, obviously i had the flash off & at times it was too busy to do other than point & click - but i LOVE this picture! sadly my seahorsey pics didn'[t come out very well, but mr penguin & les otters of cuteness made up for it...(will download those another day, my nerves are never good with this flippin' photo lark on here)

looksee, all out of synch.....back to the putting green in the blink of an eye!

and here it is again! in all its pinky glory - its more trouble than its worth to delete this repeat post

and after the rain - i got sunburnt the next day! this is why us brits talk about the weather so much, it's completely mad!

ah, the chubby feet? what i have always thought of as just being annoyingly small chubby feet, are apparently not as they should be - am having a lot of pain in my right foot, the dr is referring me to the hospital asap, so bang goes trying to run at the gym to shift some weight....

on a plus side, its a beautiful day & i am heading to the garden again to finish a sleeve for my shaped lace tee from knitting lingerie style, not convinced it will be flattering but so far it's an easy knit....

toodle pip