Sunday, 19 December 2010

Greetings, Earthlings ....

... with apologies for neglecting this blog.
So much to write, none of it of any importance.

Operation was had as mentioned in previous post, here are the photies to prove what a serious time it was ;-)
Daphne came with me and had fun investigating the various equipment. When I explained that it was NOT a climbing frame and what it was all for she became a tad dizzy and had to have a lie down.

She then decided to play at Drs.

Had a bit of a nerve wracking wait to meet with my consultant and discuss the intestine thing - first it snowed somewhat:
and then it just kept on snowing.

Nothing can get up or down the hill here or into the tiny side streets.

Bear in mind I had stitches running from my tummy button up and down.

Bear in mind my poor intestines.

My tum has been bloated for months - and it decided to outdo itself whilst I was snowbound and with stitches, yikes. It reached the point where I seriously thought they were going to tear (sorry, farrrr too much info!) and I took them out myself.
What a relief!

The kids wanted to go out and see the snow.
This is Keef.
He's OK, very quiet but I am not convinced leaving Daphne alone with him is wise.

First there was this

and then The Microwave Incident.
The little minx had it on 'defrost'.

So I think they did fairly well to stand together for their photo:

More to come ....