Friday, 20 August 2010


A few things have been added to my artfire shop:
Some of these sheeEEEEEp are being very vocal about wanting new homes, so please do go and have a peep!

Also some more bags added:

More to come including needle rolls.

(It's a bit of a crappy ME day today and I spent most of it asleep in bed, but hopefully that's knocked the worst of it on the head and I can get more packed up tonight to post asap - many packages went out yesterday, thank you for the orders!).


Cazzie said...

Yay - I have registered and purchased a sheep (and a flower brooch) :0)

sulkycat said...

thank you! will get them in the post for you on monday

Mary said...

Thank you Julia, my lovely lovely bag arrived yesterday :) Now, what to put in it....;-)


Lynne said...

Have just found your blog, enjoyed reading the good and bad about KnitCamp. I almost decided to come over for it but limited mobility made me change my thinking. Will instead save my money and do Sock Summit next year in Portland, OR.