Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Homeward bound

I woke thinking how wonderful it was to be home - immediately followed by what an easy journey it must have been because I couldn't remember it (you know where this is going don't you) - and then I opened my eyes and of course was still in my hotel bed. By this point I really really wanted to be home in my own bed, nothing is better than your own beddy byes.

The journey home was pretty grim, the train from Stirling to Edinburgh was a game of sardine, utterly packed (thankfully I had a seat where I could see my bags), by the time I got on the next train I was past caring whether I was in first class or in a toilet - I tried to pay for a bottle of coke and some crisps with a tampax. That about sums it up.

I left the hotel at 10am, got home around 4pm, tried to catch up on Ravelry and online - and then this blog went utterly mad! Over 3,000 hits yesterday which is insane - thank you all!

So a summary of the week that was. Someone said we need tee shirts along the lines of 'I survived KnitCamp'.

Good points
  • meeting Becca and having such a great time
  • meeting many friendly, charming people
  • laughing, lots
  • breaking out of my hermit lifestyle and being sociable (best medicine ever)
  • the encouragement and support for my sewing
  • spinning class
  • mucho wool buying
  • swimming
  • like minded people
  • great B&Bs
  • Stirling
  • fresh air, greenery, grass (the walking on variety), bunnies
  • the tapestry / weaving at the castle
  • making new friends
  • fudge
  • the Sulky in Scotland thread which is hilarious

The not so good points
  • utter disorganisation
  • complete disregard and lack of care for those who had paid for classes and who needed information
  • unprofessionalism - why wasn't someone delegated to keep the website updated with relevant information?
  • using Ravelry to promote the week - especially when it was done in such a crappy way - deleting posts, locking threads, the infamous flounce - it should have remained on the website
  • rudeness
  • shite teaching from one tutor (I am wondering how someone who moans about their health made it up the Wallace monument, I know I couldn't have done it with my ME), and being a bit cross with myself for not telling her there and then that she was out of order and walking out (which I would have done if I was on top form)
  • the adoration from a small group who semed utterly oblivious to how crap the 'organisation' really was - and who then felt it necessary to be rude to anyone who dared complain
  • hypocrisy
  • lies
  • disappointment
  • money grabbing schemes, fluctuating prices
  • ack, the list could go on and on but I suspect you all get the message
People had a great week - because the majority of them knuckled down and made it a great week.
They should NOT have had to do this.
They - we - made it a great week DESPITE, not because of, ShitCampKnitCamp.
The fact that people had fun does not negate the, ahem, 'organisers' from an abysmal cock up.

I have been approached with 'A Plan' by several people - and the plan was very similar from all.
Watch this space - lessons have been learned from this week (or not, they were mostly so screamingly obvious that a sodding hamster could have done better), plans are afoot (so is 12 inches).

Thank you for reading!


Roobeedoo said...

I am so glad to hear there are plans. It was a very weird experience - I was only there for one day and I realised I could have nipped in without paying and wandered anywhere I wanted if I was so inclined - I wonder how many people did just that? I accidentally gatecrashed a v famous knitter's class but didn't realise because I wasn't stopped at the door. Blah.

Mully Nex said...

Plans are good. 12 inches is a foot! ;)

Harrysmum said...

Thanks for your brilliant account of the week Sulky, warts'n all, but reassuring to know that it was the people that made the week, not the organisation (or lack of).
So pleased that the hamsters have "A Plan" ;-)

KnitCave said...

It has been excellent reading your posts. I am so pleased that the majority of people had a great time despite the disorganisers. I am really looking forward to hearing about 'theplan'. Oh, and do you have any sheep left. I NEED one in my life.

sulkycat said...

thank you for the wonderful comments!

and yes, there are some sheep left ;-)

honeybee33 said...

It always amazes me how some people with absolutely no professional event management skills think: "how hard could it be?" ;~) It's friggin' hard in ways you don't even think it should or would be hard. Most of us who do it for a living purposefully make it look invisible, let alone easy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blow-by-blow account of your week. Sadly much of it is familiar to my own recollections! Was great to meet you.

Rebecca said...


great summary
you were def the highliught oh sckc for me :D !

Anonymous said...

So can we assume that your plans will be for a flawless event next year? - miss mayflower