Thursday, 26 August 2010

La lalalalalallaaaaaaaaa la l a laaaaaaaaa

Oh it's all still going on isn't it? Not kicking off, but definitely going on.
This blog used to be called You Couldn't Make it Up - and that totally sums up the ongoing Shit Camp Knit Camp farce. It just doesn't get more unprofessional that this - tutors not paid (not gossip or rumour but fact), refunds not recived (again, fact), requests for said refunds ignored (fact!) and now the rather amazing news that 'organiser' woman is not replying to emails or messages until 'September' as she is - er - having a holiday still. The website is still down. Nuf said.

And meanwhile, said refunds are sitting in a bank account somewhere presumably earning interest ...

La la lalalalaaaaaaa la. Fingers in ears, head in sand.

People are suffering from Mushroom Syndrome - kept in the dark and fed a lot of shit.

now for something totally shocking.
Guaranteed to raise the hackles of the good folk.

My ironing.

Oh yes - new ironing board, new iron, new laundry basket. Filled iron with rose water and worked my way very happily through the entire load of ironing.
Sadly I have now run out of things to iron - I eyed up my spinning wheels, television, FredHead and the Shoe of Power but none seemed to want to be ironed.
Must wear and wash many more clothes .....

I cooked, gluten free pancakes:

They look somewhat alien brain like in this pic, they do come out a bit flaccid and pale (the gluten free flour is like cornflour in consistency) but by hell they taste good - drizzled with treacle and lemon. Ignore any posts about how fat I am and how hard it is to lose weight ....

Destined to become a pair of mitts for my sister, when I get my act together and decide which of the many many mitt patterns I love to use.

But now, I feel the need to go and peruse wool online. And books, Wool and books, wool and books.


Twelfthknit said...

Cut out the middle man- Wash, iron, wash, iron. No need to wear the clothes and plenty of fun times wiht your pink toys.

Xtiand said...

Love the pink iron, ironing board and washing basket. If you need more stuff to iron I'd be happy to send you my ironing!

Knitosaurusrex said...

Can I send you my ironing?

Also, I can't wrap my head around tutors not getting paid. How is it that they did not demand their payments on the spot? Not to blame the tutors, of course, but if I were teaching a class and things went topsy-turvy I doubt I'd leave the premises without securing some form of payment. Maybe I'm an untrusting old hag though!

Rebecca said...

can i send you my familiy's clothes to iron? you'll never be out of things to iron again in your life!
love it though - pink and rose scented! perfect!! maybe i would like to iron if it was all purple and gold and patchouli smelling. hmmm....
so she's still crapping things around???? geez!!!