Monday, 16 August 2010

Saturday is Tizwaz, never a day to miss cos, Satruday is Tizwaz daaaaaaaaay!

And I didn't even like Tizwaz. I suspect I am overtired.

Ok, Saturday
Bloody heck I was tired by then! All week I was aware that I was risking a monumental ME attack and trying to keep a bit of energy in reserve, but by Saturday I was seriously feeling it - not helped by the wine the previous night! I havemade the most of being off work lately by grabbing a kip in the afternoon (that's a sleep not knitting in public!) when I am in need but of course was on the go all Friday.
So very tired but surrounded by good people. We were given a lift to the uni and Becca headed for her class with Joan (deeply envious meeeee).

Lordy I forgot - on Friday, I nipped to buy a couple of Joan's White Lies patterns I have had queued forever and a day. Browsing happily until a voice said 'well hello there Sulkycat' - I turned, smiled and she said 'it's Joan'.
I got the giggles, said 'I am going to turn into a fan girl and dribble on your shoulder now!' and generally acted like a total pillock. I explained how gutted I was to miss the class (I trained as a pattern cutter / fashion dsigner and wanted to transfer that to my knitting) and that my friend was going as we didn't want anyone else touching our bosoms. Joan is great - giggly, friendly, my height! (I had pictured some 6ft leggy woman, I think because her designs are so elegant). I suspect her designs are so elegant and in so many sizes BECAUSE she is neither tall nor skinny.
Anyway I digress - but yes, damned good to meet Joan.

The morning was pretty busy constantly and again I was overawed by all the positive comments, Not overawed enough to be quiet you understand, but overawed indeedy.
It is brilliant to have chatted to so many fabulous people in the flesh (clothes, but in the flesh)(I told you I am tired, just bear with it) and be able to put faces to names from Ravelry. I spoke to so many people - to put this into context I am a hermit, the old story of big city single person, I simply don't meet many people and apart from my lovely friends at work I haven't made any close frinds in Leeds at all. This isn't a pity me post, I like my independence etc, and have adapted to living like this - but ye gods it was good to chat and laugh with so many people!

Sometimes we all need to step back from the crap in the world and realise that actually there are many more good folk than bad, but good news doesn't sell. But enough philosophising.

I made time to roam a bit every few hours, ie to spend my profits, and spent more than I have ever spent on wool and fibre in one go - fabtastic! I appear to have oodles of pink and grey.
 I talked, and talked, and talked some more, and with each talking bout there was mucho laughter. Stall holders gave me great advice - including 'Where on your stand does it say you were a professional seamstress for years, made corsets, trained as a designer? People need to know this information, you need to market yourself and sell yourself - go for it!'
Excellent words - and I thank every single person who encouraged me to do more shows, gave me advice on how to set out my stall to best effect etc.

Several vendors had no idea about the other activities going on, such as the fashion show on Friday, the luminary panel, the sheep to sweater attempt etc. Jo's husband came round with Knit Camp booklets at about 3pm, which was a tad on the late side - several sellers had said they had paid for adverts but hadn't seen hide nor hair of a booklet.

The afternoon slowed down considerably ( more time to shop, hurrah!), and by hell I was tired. Becca came after her class and stayed to help me pack up. I sold more than half of what I took, which was less than I had hoped but much more than I had feared.
For some reason my case and bags weighed as much as they did when I arrived!
Surely all the wool I bought wasn't as heavy as the many bags I sold, surely not ...

We pootled to the bus stop rather laden with my shop stuff, my shopping, Becca's shopping and the general accumulation of knitting, spindles, crisps, water, sweets, and whatnot that seemed to have bred during the day. My poor footsies did their spectacular bleeding act again because they obviously felt left out and in need of attention. The four of us went for a meal again but it was a rather sedate affair due to total and utter exhaustion, Becca taught me how to use my spindle between courses, cheers me dear!
We also had a lesson in speaking with a Tennessee accent, I am sure I can now pass as a local. Hah!

The final blog post will be tomorrow as I really need my bed! Thanks for sticking with it this far.

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ZantiMissKnit said...

I think I would be all fangirl-ish around Joan as well. Her designs are just GORGEOUS. I can't believe I haven't knit any yet I have her book and the yarn for at least two of the patterns.

It looks like you have a nice haul there!