Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I am knackered.
But I made it from Yorkshire to Scotland and back again without being deported.
I did not need a visa.
I did not have to leave the country and go to Dublin and then re-enter (I wonder who paid for all of that malarky?).
I did not feel the need to moan about how awful people were being to me, how much money I had lost (sound familiar to anyone who went to the not-Ravelry Ravelry day last year?).
I did not advertise and sell tickets on the basis of tutors and Ravelry 'owners' who weren't actually going (I dread to think what the legal ramifications of this could be - false advertising?).
I do not have a gagging order in place although some may wish I had. Hahaha.
I am grateful that people will hopefully remember me for the strength of my neatly bound seams (on my bags, obviously not on my rotund person) and not for the piss poor performance of my, ahem, 'organisation skills'.
I did not have the sense to ask for a cash refund of £3 million for the 1,967 classes I had booked that were cancelled.

Mostly I am thankful that when people suddenly stopped chatting and went 'Oh so YOU are Sulkycat!' nobody followed that up with a headbut.

I bet a few were tempted ;-)


Twelfthknit said...

Ha ha!

cath said...

rest up!

Lol said...

It was delightful to meet you and your bags and stitch markers are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Your reporting is as refreshing and unique as your bags.

Rebecca said...

lol! you are so funny!

Helen said...

BTW I went to Knit Camp and heard from Nancy Bush herself that the tutors didn't end up having to go on the day trip to Dublin as as been widely rumoured...not sure if that ended up being shared anywhere.

Your Stirling photos are lovely.

Terry Sailingknitter said...

Love your blog and reporting of Knit Camp - telling it like it was. Too bad you couldn't have spent more time with Joan M-M as she's a fun person and you two seem to think alike! I used to live near her and knit with her every week at a meet-up. Sure miss those days.

Keep up the great work with your sewing and stay away from gluten..wheat kills.
Terry - sailingknitter

sulkycat said...

thank you for the great comments everyone!

sailingknitter, i am envious of both the sailing and the joan connection!