Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Compulsory holiday photos ... there is no escape

It is the law.
Holiday photos.
Just think yourself lucky you can turn the computer off and walk away!
Can't have too many gargoyles.
Or too many old graveyards.
You didn't really expect holiday photos of bunnies did you?

You did?

He wasn't squashed by the grave stone.

The Poetry Society Knitted Poem

My many gilded room. I wish I had a photo of the Jane Austen breakfast room!

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Mully Nex said...

Nice looking room!

Rebecca said...

ah the memories! love it
why are your pics so much better than mine ;)

sulkycat said...

is that something to do with your infamous point and shoot photography becca?


. said...

Nice pics, glad you and becca had a nice trip.

Rebecca said...

lol!! hmmm... methinks...uh...maybe! ;)