Monday, 16 August 2010

Friday continued ....

I think we have established that the morning was not good. The warning was there - blogging that you have been less than truthful about why you are in the country and 'having a vacation at Knit Camp's expense' isn't really the most sensible thing to do methinks. Making comments and jokes through the lesson about visas etc also not good, given that a fellow tutor was sent back home - sensitivity, empathy and basic good manners completely missing.

So, moving on.
I then had a fast (long to me) walk to the Market Place - I had covered my stall, left a note and told the nice folk next to me that I would be there around 1, after the class. It was busy from the moment I got there - plenty of folk wandering around, the stalls looked great and the stall holders were friendly and cheerful.

To cut a long story short I sold lots, chatted until my throat hurt, laughed more than I have done in months and had a fabulous afternoon. Becca was superb - she helped out so I could go shopping myself, and was a massive hit with people (how could she not be, she's a good egg). The feedback on my sewing was amazing, and I am still so so happy.

The downside - once people had gone around the 'blue' area downstairs there was very little to direct them to the rest of the stalls, which were out of eye sight. And the stairs. Bloody stairs. Some hand written pieces of paper appeared at some point:

Someone said they thought they were written by a disgruntled vendor, I don't know who did them. If by a seller then thank you! If by 'organisers', then shame on you.

We kept busy until the closing time, pootled home (my poor footsies were bleeding, I have a pretty impressive collection of burst blisters - betcha wanted to know that!) and I had a much needed soak.

Becca and I went out that evening with the Injabulo ladies, and had a quiet, sophisticated night. Or not. Much shrieking, much laughter, good food, plenty of wine and cocktails. The Birds and Bees in Stirling, superb staff and decent food, highly recommended.

Late night, utterly exhausted, but as I say a very good afternoon.
Can you tell I am tired, I think these posts are getting shorter and shorter as I go!

Hang in there folks, almost done and then a summary of the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

I believe the signs were finay put up by the woodturners not the organisers

PatMS said...

I knew there was supposed to be a second part of the marketplace, further in and higher up, because it was in the booklet and on the website, but I still had to ask someone where it was.

Anonymous said...

Interesting....we were in the blue area and were worried that people wouldn't find *us*!


Freyalyn said...

Yep, it was Joan and Linzi on Woodland Turnery who went around with the original handwritten signs on Friday - they seemed to have provoked the 'organisers' to provide official ones by Saturday. I got my OH to read your whole review over my shoulder last night; it seems a very fair summary of the event. I'm just cross I didn't manage to find time to come and see you.