Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I know, I know - it is indeedy shocking - I have been knitting.

Not much, but some - started on the train to Stirling (did you know I had been to Stirling? Didn't I mention it?) and then abandoned as too complex to have on the go all week. Plus the irony of needing stitch markers on the train and having none handy - and 350 of them tucked at the bottom of my suitcase ...

So far I am really enjoying this - it is Delphine, from Kim Hargreave's Winter Blooms book. Nothing in her new one grabs me which is probably just as well, far too many calling my name as it is.
It is knit in charcoal grey Felted Tweed dk, and I really like it - I love the shaping of the peplum too, very much. Slow going as I am in the middle of an ME slump, but enjoyable knitting.

And of course I am using my own markers.

A big bundle of this arrived the other day - I simply couldn't carry it back from Stirling so had it posted - it is nice think Lopi from Woolfish, I got 10 balls of it but might need more - possibly destined to become a Sylvi which I started ages ago and threw out because I hated the wool.

I love these - I treated myself from M&S the other day and they are just past their very best now, but smell fabulous. And right at the other end of the spectrum, I also treated myself to - oh yes, extravagant or what -

I can't find a solid, ideally not mesh topped ironing board anywhere for under £70 though, what's that all about?? I currently have a tiny ironing board and a small iron, because I am titchy - but I used my landlady's huuuge board and powerful iron at the hotel, and by hell it sped through everything. So now I want a whopping great board - but not at the price! £70!!

And just when you thought my purchases for the week couldn't get more exotic - brace yourself - hoover bags. I know how to party.

I also have some shameless promoting of friends to do - Rebs on Ravelry made some - erm - 'hand relief' cream recently, and sold mini pots of it as testers.
I am utterly biased as one is called Sulky and smells of rose geranium - this travelled around Scotland with me in my handbag and survived (the tub on the photo looks a tad the worse for wear). There's also a lime version, and a lavender and patchouli one - excellent cream, especially for dry knitters hands - do hunt her down on Rav and ask when she is making some more, it's definitely worth trying!

There are a lot of photos in this post, sorry!
This little bundle is the next lot for new bags, amazingly the massive majority of the 97 I took to Stirling (did I mention I had been? no?) have sold - thank you all! - and it is almost time to get sewing again.

and this little beauty is a pressie for a friend.

There, not much by way of actual writing, but many piccies and a post at last!

AHEM, you Britsh Knitting rabble.
Ironing does not make me a bad person
Neither do the hoover bags - I have put one in the hoover but haven't gone as far as turning the damned thing on.



Twelfthknit said...

You mean you iron? Sulky, get a life!

Vivianne said...

They said you had betrayed the Sisterhood by ironing ...I just had to come check for myself LOL

Susie said...

*I* don't know. You'll be bleaching your net curtains with your pinny on next, and washing your front step of a morning.

We've lost respect, Sulkycat. We've lost all respect.

sulkycat said...

I have posted about SCKC. Does that make up for the terribly, inappropriate, highly inexcusable i... post? I promise never ever to make the same mistake again.