Monday, 16 August 2010

A commercial break.

This might be faster than updating etsy and artfire - for those who are asking (and thank you!) here are some of the bags I have unpacked and photographed, which are for sale.
The box bags - all are fully interfaced, both the outer fabric and the lining fabric, and all seams inside are fully bound. No raw edges, nothing flimsy - I do include a note saying hand wash, but I chuck mine in the washing machine.
They are large enough to hold a ball of wool, dpns and a pattern - I can squish two balls in, a pair of mitts on the go and a pattern easily. They also work well as a makeup or toiletries bag.
Roughly 8 inches long, 3 inches high, 3 inches wide.
£11.00 each (I lowered the price slightly for the market place and will keep them at those prices until I list in the shops), £1.20 postage within the UK and I am very happy to post elsewhere.

I am online now, so it's a first come first served way - and I will be at home all day tomorrow so will update my shops with more bags for anyone who prefers to buy them that way.

** please post a comment if you wish to buy anything - first post gets the bag!

Knickers and bras! In pinky reds on black. SOLD, thank you

Tea pots and egg cups. SOLD, thank you

Breast cancer care - I will donate £3 to breast cancer research from the sale of this bag. SOLD with many thanks

Hearts. SOLD with many thanks

From top left to top right :
a) flowers and bees
b) purple, reds, black
c) beach scene
d) purple geometrics - SOLD with many thanks
e) trellis and roses
Bottom row from left to right:
f) celtic knots in blues - SOLD with many thanks
g) zingy greens with flowers
h) small hearts and flowers - SOLD with many thanks
i) mini shrooms
j) zingy greens, blues, swirls

Needle rolls, sheep brooches etc to come - and as I say, if you are more comfortable buying through etsy or artfire they will be back up and stocked tomorrow, most realistically in the early afternoon.

Thank you!

PS Blog posts about ShitCampKnitCamp will be back in the next couple of hours ....


Twelfthknit said...

OK----I really, really, REALLY need a new project bag ;0) So Knickers and Bras please!

How do I pay?

natalie said...

Yes please! Do I need to decide which one?

Twelfthknit said...

If you're not first, you're last ;0)

natalie said...

Darn it!

sulkycat said...

thanks twelthy, its yours

natalie, just let me know which one you want and its all yours

Misodiva Knits said...

I definitely need another sheep. I should have bought more than one. So Please save one for me.

Mully Nex said...

Sheeeeppppy badge sheeeeeeepppy badge. I have bags coming out my ears I need the sheepy loveliness!

sulkycat said...

okies, first batch of sheepy badges on the way .. hyang onto your hats said...

can i have the breast cancer one please - snowflakequeen aka Gail

sulkycat said...

thanks gail, its all yours!

could people please message me on ravelry for my paypal and to leave me your addresses, sorry if this is a bit complicated but its the fastest way for me to list the bags!

many thanks! said...

I've not finished buying yet!! lol

sulkycat said...

gail, you will be thrilled to know you are now my new best friend said...

I knew I would get you to say it!!!

tina b said...


can i have the red and black hearts one please if no-one else has had it

also can i be mega cheeky and ask if you would, once you have caught your breath, do a customised sheep brooch for me


Maz said...

Hi, I would love the purple geometrics bag :) Will PM you on rav


Anonymous said...

What's shipping to the U.S. like? I'm interested in bag J. (I'm emmacrew on rav if you want to go to PMs there)

Roobeedoo said...

Oh it's you! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I was lusting after your bags all day at Knitcamp but managed to withold myself. That was a bit stupid wasn't it?! But now I know where to find you... might have to buy the 'shrooms bag!

craftybunny said...

I'm interested in the zingy green with flowers one (g) if it's still available. I'll PM you on Ravelry for the details.