Wednesday, 25 August 2010

It goes on ...

the whole ShitCampKnitCamp fandango.

I posted this in the KnitCamp thread, and suspect it might 'magically vanish' soon, so am copying it here.

you cant pick and choose when to be a business, and when not to be

if you owe people money (lets not mess about here, thats what it boils down to) then you make that your priority, not a holiday - and some people were owed refunds from BEFORE the whole sckc malarky

you cant take money and then hide your head in the sand when things go belly up, not if you have any self respect or professionalism
(methinks that therein lies the nub)

other people linked directly to the whole debacle have been online in the last 24 hours but have magically stopped posting in this group

i suspect this post will be deleted before long, but will copy it to my blog
(have had some very interesting messages about this whole fandago)

It's almost spooky isn't it, that people are still waiting for refunds - are STILL waiting for any communication at all, yet the, ahem, 'organiser' has had time to post about health issues on Ravelry, has had time to delete posts by others (nothing new there then), has had time for a HOLIDAY - and is using 'being busy as it's the school holidays' as an excuse for not responding. It was also the school holidays throughout the whole of SCKC, it didn't stop her from going. Or from 'planning' the whole thing to take part in the holidays.

I do have my worst case scenario possibility in mind, and hope it doesn't come true.
I truly hope people get their money back very soon.

I have heard interesting snippets from the week, which I won't post on here just in case.
What I can't get my head round is that some people are still idolising said 'organiser' and are adamant that it was a fabulous week and can't wait for the next one! NEXT ONE! Really?

(dissolves laughing and decides brekkie might be a good thing right now)

(edited to add - very interesting that snippets I have been told all add up, and all agree despite being from unconnected people. As in connected only by knitting. Not people who are disconnected in their heads. Although ....
The best part is that we all seem to be waiting for the same person to get drunk again and post all about it ;-)
It's like a comedy Russian code or an episode of 'allo 'allo - people know but are being careful not to actually come out and say it. It's similar to English footballers shagging about and getting gagging orders to stop people knowing that they are shagging about. Shagging and gagging. There are specialist clubs for that you know.
We all seem to know that the painting of the fallen madonna with the big boobies was actually hiding in the pub toilets rather than drinking Guiness at Craggy Island with Father Jack's toe nails. But will anyone actually dare say it?

and just for the posh folk
all together now ...


pyewacket said...

Listen vairy cairfullee, I will say zis onlee wahnce...

Twelfthknit said...

hey, Pyewacket, your accent is perfect.