Friday, 27 August 2010


silly woman.
Thank you (not silly woman, you are a nice woman) for the heads up about a certain ST (shite teacher)(and silly woman)'s latest blog post, in which she bemoans the nasty liars out there who say bad things about her.
Now it would be quite bigheaded to assume she means this little nobody in Yorkshire, but when her post goes on to mention Ravelry and anonymous replies to said hurtful full of LIES LIES LIES blog, then yes I would be a tad naive not to suspect she means this.

Apparently anyone who says her class and style of 'teaching' is crap is telling porkies? If they dare say she is unpleasant, rude, offensive, arrogant, unprofessional, disorganised and self centred they are 'sharpening knives' ? 'Hate', Ms M, is a very strong word - and a very strong emotion, of which you are simply not worthy. You deleted my reply to your post before, I don't feel the need to reply to you again. Except here, in this little bloggy land of ironing, pink wool and babbling.

There, I think two short paragraphs is more than this warrants.
Back to things that matter.

Chocolate, ironing, wool, books.
I didn't get any sleep last night, was ill with the most god awful stomach pains so am having a completely lazy indolent day, caught up on some sleep on the settee this afternoon and have repeats of Morose Morse on the telly in the background. So no chocolate, no ironing. But I read the last half of Dan Brown's Symbol book in a vain hope that it wold send me to sleep, no luck. Lordy that's a lot of pages of insanity. Then again I am about to start Ill Met by Moonlight which I doubt will be intellectually challenging either. Fairies, Shakespeare and a pretty Pre Raph piccy on the front, what's not to like?
One of my lovely friends made this little critter recently and swears blind it is not yours truly. Despite it now being called 'the Mop Top Julia'. Hmmm ....

Darlene, I am not entirely convinced ... and as for Pat saying it's the same height as me!
(if anyone is in any doubt - I love it to bits and it makes me grin when I see the photo!)
(and I love Darlene and Pat to bits too)

Just because.
It makes me smile.
Have you found it?

I might write something worth reading soon - then again tutors from SCKC might get paid ....

And Ms M, just to show I care and am not all bad. May your dreams be filled with nekkid Cheggers. Every single night.


Anonymous said...

The worse blind is the one who refuses to see.

In the long run, she's doing herself more damage than all the blog posts and comments put together.
I'd say too bad, but I'm not a nice person and have a personal interest in seeing the fiber industry becoming less "nice" and more professional.

I've read her post and the claim that what you've written is hearsay is bs. Either she has a huge problem understanding the English language and thinks "I" isn't the first person, but the third or she's deeply delusional.
Judging by her blog, I go with delusional.

Thank you for your posts. I agree with what was said on Ravelry, we need to tell the truth so other people don't have to go through a similar situation in the future.

revknits said...

Said teacher deleted a post I made on her website too - she's VERY thinned-skinned, and on top has a ton of stress in her life. Doesn't make for a pretty picture.

revknits said...

Oh, and I left this comment on said teacher's blog, but it probably will never see the light of day, since she moderates it within an inch of its life:

I find it interesting that this is the second time I’ve seen on your blog that students have lied about you, and you posting oh how awful it is and bemoaning those mean students. Seriously?

Suck it up. Get some perspective. All this would happen in the pre-internet age only you’d never see it in writing. You’re a grown-up, and the whining is simply childish, and given the reviews that I’ve seen, you probably aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Just like me, just like everyone else.

Focus on the positive and carry on.

sulkycat said...

Personally I have little else to say about this. As a teacher I would be gutted if people slated my classes, teribly upset - BUT I would then look to myself. When a lesson goes wrong the first thing any decent teacher does is to ask themselves 'what could I have done differently? How could I have improved it?' and then learn from it, improve upon it, and move on. Not accuse those who criticise of being liars.

I am no saint. I have a vicious tongue at times and try hard to curb it. But really, I went to Knit Camp only looking for negatives? Determined to have a crap time? Perrrlllease. It cost me what, around £800. I am off work long term, I am single, quite simply I do NOT have that sort of money to throw away on a crap time! I went to Knit Camp determined to make the absolute best out of what had rapidly turned into chaos.I have never said anything other than I had a brilliant week surrounded by fantastic people. But I reiterate -this was despite, not because of, Knit Camp.

I know I have upset someone by posting something that turned out to be untrue, and I am deeply sorry about it. But everything else I have posted is the truth. I was there. I experienced it. Some was dreadful, and the fall out continues. Much was wonderful.Hey ho.

Rebecca said...

omg roflol! you are just a riot!!!! missing you!

sulkycat said...

miss you too becca! blimey we laughed!

LunaG said...

Love the dog leap-frogging the sheep! Made me chuckle.

sulkycat said...

i wondered if anyone had spotted it luna!