Monday, 16 August 2010


Ok, sheep brooches.
Hand stitched, made from wool mix felt (it's nice quality), hand beaded, backed in coloured felt with a brooch back securely sewn in place.
All sheeeeeeeeps!!! are individually named - I am very happy to repackage with a name of your choice if you want (several sheep underwent emergency sex changes at the weekend and didn't show signs of pain).

I will add them in batches of 5 so I don't get all covered in confusion.

£7 each, postage within the UK included, again I am very happy to post anywhere.

From the top, left to right starting with the lighter grey face:
Holly - sold to a good home
May - sold to a good home
Bertie - sold to a good home

Again, just leave a comment on here if you want a sheeeeeeeeeps!!!!


Mully Nex said...

I want a MAY sheepie please dark grey face YUMMMMtastic (mulene on Ravelry) said...

please please can i have bertie??

I own a racing greyhound called bertie :o)

snowflakequeen - gail

kerrylinnet said...

I want whatever sheep will become homeless if no one buys her (You pick!) I'm in the US so we'll have to figure something out.

kerrylinnet on Ravelry

Emma said...

Holly please !

EmmaCo on Rav.

Sweet Camden Lass said...

oooh, I do like those sheeps. I have a friend for whom they'd make a lovely Christmas present: can you do one as a Lucy please? hollyberry79 on rav.

Cazzie said...

Am I too late to express interest in a sheep - they are fab - no preference to name or colour etc. :0)

sulkycat said...

more sheep to come! i am too exhausted to list them on etsy today, but will hopefully do them tomorrow

thank you for the interest!