Thursday, 1 April 2010

Time flies like an arrow...

fruit flies like a banana. Groucho Marx, I believe.How fast is it going to go after Easter, when I am back at work?! Yikes! It's been six months, a long long time (and I have very much enjoyed being at home)and I have mixed feelings about going back - I do love my job but not this particular one, I work with some of my closest friends who are wonderful people, will be good to be back with them every day, and I need to get my brain working again.The rest? Hmmmm, will get back to you on that!
Very positive meeting though this morning.

And my union chap, who is lovely, is going to get in touch with local literary wotnots, to get me involved and help me get ideas about self publishing.

This little bunny was for a friend in an Easter swap on Ravelry, it's a pattern from the Little Cotton Rabbits blog - great fun to knit.I used Rowan 4ply cotton - I usually avoid all cotton like the plague but this was soft and lovely to knit with - unlike the very splitty Sirdar 4ply cotton I used for the head!

And some pretties - I treated myself on payday, not a big splurge but I love all of these (from Accessorize). The pink scarf in particular, have worn it every time I have been out, and the brooches are on my mac. Twinkly, yay!

And this, Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. If ever you visit Leeds do do DO make time to find Rose&Co. It is tucked away in the Victoria Quarter, the beatiful designer shopping area near Harvey Nix. At the moment their window display has the be the prettiest in town, towering cake stands piled with bath melts in whites, silvery glitter and pinks, totally over the top girliness! Will have to get a photo before they change it, it's lovely.
The shop is set out like an old fashioned apothecary shop, with a very 1940s / 50s styling, crammed with yummy bath and body treats, unusual perfumes, quirky jewelry, and lots of things you didn't know you absolutely HAD to have!
Upstairs is a hairdressers, and downstairs is a fabulous dress shop, filled with top stitched pointy bras, frou frou frilly knickers and huge bouffant layered petticoats, gorgeous!
Go on, spoil yourself and have a visit.
PS it's also very close to the best chocolate shop in town, Charbonnel et Walker .... ;-)

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Jacky said...

Self-puplishing is something I'm currently investigating - my eldest suggested having a look at it seems to be OK - you only pay for what they actually print...and can go back again and again for odd copies. Also looking at indepenpress which sounds ok, too. Love the blog - will be back ;)