Tuesday, 20 April 2010


posting due to utter exhaustion!
I started work yesterday, just part time and not teaching or in lessons at all this week, and yesterday was pretty tough (my job is not the easiest in the world, or with the nicest people, and at one point I found myself literally on the periphery of various groups chatting in the staff room - which I suppose is to be expected after six months off work). I am shattered, truly shattered.

Anyway, camera batteries are charging up as I type, some yummy fabric arrived this morning and more is due tomorrow, I am sewing up a mini storm for this Saturday's craft fair, minimal knitting sadly but this will pick up next week, and my house needs a damned good blitz.
My teenytiny garden looks pretty when the sun is out, and assorted seedy things are sprouting in the teenytiny greenhouse, so plenty of photo potential.

I just need to wake up!

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