Thursday, 15 April 2010


the last week of freedom vanish far too quickly!
I start back at work on Monday, in a non teaching capacity, then part time for two weeks, then back to it. Very mixed feelings - I need to use my brain, I need to be with my lovely friends, but the utter dread that is work is definitely creeping up.
The job hunt goes on ... anyone want an outstanding teacher and behaviour specialist in a school near the sea? A nice school? Yes?

I am heading out to lunch today, it's my daughter's birthday, so that will be a good afternoon. And I am meeting a good friend and colleague tomorrow for cake and coffee, so that's good too! One will be chat about nothing much, one will be mainly about work - both will be full of giggles.

Knitting - have just finished some robot mitts (totally the wrong thing for spring, but what the hell), and then back to trying to finish the cardi of boredom - piccies to come if we get any daylight (it's very dull out there).Then hopefully get enough spinning done to be able to cast on for something from Misty, Kim Hargreave's new book. And sewing, lots of sewing - I have a craft fair next Saturday (more info on that soon too).

Enjoy your day!

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