Sunday, 4 April 2010

Stitching up a storm.

More of a gentle breeze really.
I rummaged upstairs in the Cupboard of Doom to find a missing pack of Kaffe Fassett garish fabric, bought last year with the ambitious intention of making a quilt - never got further than the many bags I was making, and the material vanished.

In said rummage, I also dug out 4 half made bags, an armful of material that caught my eye, and huge bag of Laura Ashley yumminess - in shades of teal and duck egg, neither of which I ever want in my home. Hmmm...

BUT I did also manage to finally put together, and take a photo of, the two main colourways that I plan to turn into quilts of some description.

Sunglasses at the ready, the first will make your eyes bleed - it matches absolutely NOTHING in my home.

I love the cabbage material more than any other - a couple of the greens have now been removed, I just love the greens and pinks together, they make me happy.

I think if it is bound and bordered with pink it should be nice, I would either drape it over a the chair or hang it on the wall. (Throws on the settee just don't seem to work, I bought two lovely ones to try and disguise its shabbiness but they just end up looking really messy).

This is the other colourway, which would tone with the living room perfectly, but which doesn't excite me much!

I am toying with a silk pink heart in the middle of each block to tie it together, but am also tempted to applique a tree with a bird on a nest ... why oh why I don't go for a simple option I don't know.

Eve bought something utterly impractical purely because it was pretty? How's this for a pretty and useless tea towel -

Thank you Laura Ashley sale, with your dastardly ways.
Also from Ms Ashley's emporium, but bought on different trips, plus the heavy velvet from Ebay, the cushion cover mission (again to try and detract from the shabby settee - although I have a hunch they might make it look even worse).

They are about to be cut out and I will make a start on them - I haven't done any sewing at all for a week, which is a concern as I am waaaay behind with my million bags mission for Knit Camp. Bugger.

Knitting? I am plodding on with the most boring cardigan in the world, dull dull dull to knit. Hopefully better when it is finished! Plus some colourwork mitts that I m loving so far, piccies to come. Plus quite a bit of spinning and plying, including some gorgeous roving in pinks and electric blue / turquiose from Becca, who is kind and generous and downright lovely.

And for no other reason that it is such a lovely photo - this is from etsy, and sorry etsy seller I don't remember who you were.

Enjoy the rest of the Easter break!

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