Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hang onto your hats -

I have photos!

This beauty is the first jelly roll I have ever bought!
Not cheap (this was about £22.50 plus postage, which seems about average) but it is stunning, It is Plume, by Moda, and is destined to become a quilt for the first quiltalong on the UK Quilters group I recently started over on Ravelry.
We are a very mixed bag (oo er madam) of experienced and innocent faced new quilters, and people are very enthusiastic which is great! Do come and have a nosy.

I love the shapes and colours, I am dying to have a nosy but don't want to spoil it. I am not madly keen on some of the patterns (I also have a charm pack and half a metre of the fabulous pink feather print) or the browns and mint greens, so might leave those out, but having had a nosy at other Plume quilts they really look gorgeous. Go on, google Plume by Moda, have a look! Pink swans! Keys hanging from trees! Pink feathers! More exclamation marks!

I have also finished about half of what I plan on taking to the craft fair on Saturday. That gives me tonight, tomorrow, and some of Friday to get finished with sewing, stamp the bags (just in case I actually sell anything), price everything up, make a sign or two and pack it all into a suitcase with wheels.

It's colourful, I am currently finishing off some stuffed birdies in linen, and some bags - no idea what I think I will finish in so little time!

Do come and have a look if you are in Leeds on Saturday, it is being well promoted (I saw a man with it advertised on a huge sign on his bike in town this afternoon):

I really like the changes to blogger, this is so much easier to use - and I can link things at last. Large photos, links, faster (particularly uploading photos) - much better.

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Rebecca said...

cant wait to see what that becomes :D