Sunday, 25 April 2010


and showers!
Yesterday was A Good Day. I had a craft fair in Leeds, at Granary Wharf - this used to be home to the Dark Arches, a mishmash of independent shops and eateries under the railway arches, but all of this was shut down years ago (presumably due to funding or lack of).
Recently the whole area has been redeveloped, and for one it looks like it has been done well. The new buildings (and I am not a fan of new builds usually) sit well with the canal and the existing arches, and this space is where the Pannier Market was held for the first time yesterday.

I went from 'ah well, it might be a good way to meet nice people' to 'oh lordy I hope my stuff is good enough'. But the sun shone, the wind blew ( a bit too much at times, the nice lady next to me lost two of her hand made pots when they blew off her stall)(I did a lot of running round the front of my stall to anchor things down) and most importantly the people came!

Constantly - there wasn't a quiet time all day, and whether they bought or not they tended to stop for a chat.
There's something childishly lovely about people saying that they love what you make, it's good for the soul. I think that as soon as any craftsperson puts their work out on public display, on whatever scale, there's a part that hopes people will like it.

My 'shop' name got a lot of comments and grins, which was fun.
The much hyped artist - the next big thing apparently - was decidely average, he spent the day drawing and painting some very derivative work. My opinion of course and I am sure plenty of people thought he was great. There was a mournful harmoica player who was thankfully changed to a fiddler before everyone cried or slashed their wrists.

I would have liked to have a closer look at the canal (I love water and boats) but I didn't have time - I took two books, a magazine and some knitting, and only flicked through the mag and did a bit of knitting (every time I picked up my needles someone came to the stall, magic knitting!).
Anyway, I covered my costs including the taxis, and paid for next month's stall, and had enough left for tea -life in the fast lane or what!
I am now going to get dressed (lazy Sunday morning and a lie in, lovely) and nip to the tiny Tesco down the hill, then back home to have a much needed tidy. Then I plan on starting my quilt, and finally doing some knitting, it feels like a very long time since I sat and did and 'real' knitting.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!

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Sarah said...

I'm glad you had a successful day! I saw you at the Market - I bought one of your beautiful lavendar cushions (it really does smell lovely!) for a giveaway on my blog - have a peek at if you fancy :)