Friday, 9 April 2010


it's one of those weeks.

My laptop started playing up a while ago, it works in every way except being able to get online - so I have been using my old workhorse of a pc, which takes up 50% of my precious table space. Between that and the sewing machine ....

Ah. The sewing machine.
Will return to that ...

Lap top - trip to PCWorld, paid a fairly hefty sum to have it looked at, and he pretty much said if what needs doing isn't covered, then it's a £300 job and I might as well get a new one. With what!This one was just under £400. Lordy.

Then my sewing machine gave up the ghost. I took it apart twice, and it was a bit better, but not well enough to cope with the massive amount of sewing I do (bags bags bags - Knit Camp is calling and I need to get a move on).
So I nipped to Argos and bought a cheapy one, thinking it would do until the summer, and if things go well at the Ravelry weekend then I can treat myself to a good one. But oh no, this cheapy thing (and £60 isn't exactly cheap) (then add on bloody taxi fares to and from town with sewing machines) was utter tripe! Tiny, plasticky, noisy as hell - the reviews online said it was great, but I think it would have baulked at sewing a bloody tissue.

So that went back, and I invested in a much better one - ie much more expensive one - and it is, thankfully, fabulous. But bloody hell it ate into my cash.

And I have just had a call from the laptop repair blokie, asking if I have backed up everything I need. I have - and asked if I should feel worried.
'At this point it could go either way - but we won't do anything expensive without contacting you first.'

I feel very concerned.
This sounds ominously expensive
Anyone want to buy several bags?

I fell out of bed last night!
I was tossing and turning all night, worst sleep I have had in ages - then obviously rolled too far and shot straight out of my bed onto the floor. Three am, and I was in tears laughing.
Thank god I am single.


Melanie said...

I hope your laptop's going to get better and for not too much money.
Hardware problems on these little things can be a pain and often cost more than the value of the laptop... :-/
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

sulkycat said...

thank you - it must have worked because they managed to mend it and i am delighted!