Sunday, 11 April 2010


makes so much difference, doesn't it!
Yesterday was beautiful (helped by the fact I got my laptop back - in full working order! I have lost everything on it, thankfully I backed up all my files, pdfs and photos), and I spent the afternoon pottering about in my teeny tiny garden, then sitting outside with a book.

This is one side - the other is the same size, so when I say tiny I mean TINY! The smallest garden I have ever had, but it's so pretty in summer. Those pots, and yes there are bloody loads of them, are crammed with bulbs, and every year they look gorgeous. The lavender doesn't look too happy, I cut it right back last year so I hope it grows again - my bluebells haven't flowered this time either.
But everything else looks like it's doing OK.

Plenty to plant out too, I headed out today but the couple over the road had the smokiest barby in history, great billows of stinky smoke, so I went back in.

And yes, The majority of flowers ARE pink! Glorious, wonderful happy pink!
I love pink and green together, if I wore colours I would be bright and clashing.

Instead I have indulged my colourful side by making a start on a mini mountain of flowers. Took me a few goes to get them exactly how I want, after that it was straightforward.

Some days, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

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